Coronavirus lockdowns return across the world as cases pass 13million and WHO warns pandemic is getting WORSE

CORONAVIRUS lockdowns are being reimposed across the world as cases surge past 13million and the death toll nears 600,000.

And in a grim warning the World Health Organisation (WHO) has said the pandemic is going to get "worse and worse" unless more is done to beat Covid-19.

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Cities and states the world over have been forced back into lockdown in a bid to slow the spread of coronavirus.

Global daily case numbers have been on a rapid increase since the start of June – jumping from around 100,000 to up to 200,00.

Much of these numbers are being driven by large scale outbreaks in the US, India, Brazil, and South Africa – who alone account for more than half of the global daily figure.

Other South American nations such as Mexico, Chile and Peru are also seeing surging figures.

But localised outbreaks in nations who have eased their lockdowns – such as in the UK, China, Austrlia and Spain – have led to tough measures being reimposed to stamp out the infection.

Britain has seen a local lockdown in Leicester and 19 other council areas have been identified as at risk of a resurgence from the virus.

It comes as ministers fear a second spike could kill up to 120,000 people – a figure based on a chilling forecast from the Academy of Medical Scientists.

Lockdown measures are being eased nationwide in the UK – aside from in Leicester – as Prime Minister Boris Johnson urges people to get back to work.

The study however suggests the UK outbreak could grow "out of control" as the weather worsens – and the scientists urged the UK must be fully prepared by September.

Meanwhile, across the pond in the US cases continue to surge at an alarming rate as President Donald Trump feuds with his own medical advisers.

California last week saw an average of 8,000 new daily cases along and a raft of lockdown measures have been reimposed.

Texas and Florida have also seen cases surging – with reports some officials in these states are also calling for a return to restrictions.

Australia has placed Melbourne and part of surroundingVictoria into lockdown, with state premier Daniel Andrews warning of a "sense of complacency" is leading to a virus surge.

Second wave fears nationwide have been fueled by the discovery of a Sydney hotel which has been linked to 21 new cases and is used by truckers who travel across the country.

It is feared potentially infected lorry drivers have been allowed to travel through border closures in Victoria and into New South Wales (NSW) – acting as unwitting cross country carriers of Covid-19.

Pressure is mounting for NSW to also be considered a coronavirus hotspot, as premier Gladys Berejiklian insisted she doe not want to go back into lockdown.

China – where the virus originated late in 2019 – has also had to reintroduce measures to Beijing and Hong Kong.

Strict social distancing measures and the mandatory use of face masks will be rolled out in Hong Kong from midnight on Tuesday.

Beijing also saw half a million people placed into lockdown near the city after a surge in cases in Anxin county – with officials insisting it is "fully enclosed and under control".

Spanish authorities have attempted to reintroduce measures in La Marina and Catalonia, and parts of Portuguese capital Lisbon will remain under a partial lockdown.

However, the Catalonia lockdown was yesterday blocked by a judge – but authorities in the region have insisted they going ahead with it regardless.

Catalan leader Quim Torra said: "We cannot understand that there is bureaucratic obstacles in decisions that are taken for the health and life of citizens."

Philippines capital Manila is also introducing a new lockdown for 250,000 people in the area Navotas – ordering them to stay home for two weeks.

Navotas mayor Toby Tiangco said: "We have no choice but to do it because people are so stubborn."

Last month, India reimposed lockdown on its sixth largest city of Chennai and Germany rolled out measures in Gutersloh – but both of these have now been lifted.

As lockdowns are reimposed to beat the bug, WHO chiefDr Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus issued a dire warning on the progress of the pandemic.

He warned there will be "no return to the old normal for the foreseeable future" – and urged countries to take "decisive action" to combat the virus now.

Dr Tedros said: "If populations do not follow the basic public health principles of physical distancing, hand washing, wearing masks, coughing etiquette and staying at home when sick;

"If the basics aren’t followed, there is only one way this pandemic is going to go. It’s going to get worse and worse and worse."

Dr Tedros added: "There are no shortcuts out of this pandemic. We all hope there will be an effective vaccine, but we need to focus on using the tools we have now to suppress transmission and save lives.

"We need to reach a sustainable situation where we have adequate control of this virus without shutting down our lives entirely, or lurching from lockdown to lockdown; which has a hugely detrimental impact on societies."

However, fears are looming that a vaccine might not be ready until at least 2022 as at least 180 teams of scientists race to find a way to defeat the virus.

WHO has come under heavy criticism over the pandemic, with US President Trump's alleging it was too "China-centric" as he announced plans to withdraw from the UN agency in 2021.

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