Could you pass a Maths GCSE in 2019? Here are the questions you need to get right

DO you think you could pass your Maths GCSE if you went back to school now? A new quiz puts this to the test.

These 14 questions range from the difficult to near-impossible, and you'll only get them right if you really listened at school.

GCSEs began on Monday, May 13, and end on Friday, June 21.

So parents all over the UK are helping their kids revise – but are you up to scratch on your decimal places, prime numbers and probabilities?

These questions, compiled by Tutor House, are worthy of level four difficulty and above, translating to a grade C or higher.

So try to answer these tricky questions and see if you're worthy of a Maths GCSE qualification.

The year 11 exams this summer are taking place between Monday, May 13, until Friday, June 21.

All exams begin at either 9am or 1.30pm.

Exams must be taken on the day and at the time shown on the timetable.

Each exam board runs a slightly different timetable.

Here are the dates and times of the Maths exams for each exam board:


  • 8300/1F Written (non-calculator) – May 21 9am-10.30am
  • 8300/1H Written (non-calculator) – May 21 9am-10.30am
  • 8300/2F Written (calculator) – June 6 9am-10.30am
  • 8300/2H Written (calculator) – June 6 9am-10.30am
  • 8300/3F Written (calculator) – June 11 9am-10.30am
  • 8300/3H Written (calculator) – June 11 9am-10.30am


  • J560/1 Paper 1 (Foundation) – May 21 9am-10.30am
  • J560/2 Paper 2 (Foundation) – June 6 9a-10.30m
  • J560/3 Paper 3 (Foundation) – June 11 9am-10.30
  • J560/4 Paper 4 (Higher) – May 21 9am-10.30am
  • J560/5 Paper 5 (Higher) – June 6 9a-10.30m
  • J560/6 Paper 6 (Higher) – June 11 9am-10.30


  • 1MA1 1F Non-Calculator Foundation Tier – May 21 9am-10.30am
  • 1MA1 1H Non-Calculator Higher Tier – May 21 9am-10.30am
  • 1MA1 2F Calculator Foundation Tier – June 6 9am-10.30am
  • 1MA1 2H Calculator Higher Tier – June 6 9am-10.30am
  • 1MA1 3F Calculator Foundation Tier – June 11 9am-10.30am
  • 1MA1 3H Calculator Higher Tier – June 11 9am-10.30am


  • 3310U10-1 Numeracy Unit 1 Foundation Tier (WALES) – May 7 9am-10.30am
  • 3310U30-1 Numeracy Unit 1 Intermediate Tier (WALES) – May 7 9am-10.45am
  • 3310U50-1 Numeracy Unit 1 Higher Tier (WALES) – May 7 9am-10.45am
  • 3310U20-1 Numeracy Unit 2 Foundation Tier (WALES) – May 9 9am-10.30am
  • 3310U40-1 Numeracy Unit 2 Intermediate Tier (WALES) – May 9 9am-10.45am
  • 3310U60-1 Numeracy Unit 2 Higher Tier (WALES) – May 9 9am-10.45am
  • 3300U20-1 Mathematics Unit 2 Foundation Tier (WALES) – June 6 9am-10.30am
  • 3300U40-1 Mathematics Unit 2 Intermediate Tier (WALES) – June 6 9am-10.45am
  • 3300U60-1 Mathematics Unit 2 Higher Tier (WALES) – June 6 9am-10.45am
  • C300U20-1 Mathematics Component 2 Foundation Tier (EDUQAS) – June 6 9am-11.15am
  • C300UB0-1 Mathematics Component 2 Higher Tier (EDUQAS) – June 6 9am-11.15am


  • GMC11 Mathematics Unit 1 (F) – May 21 9.15am-11am
  • GMC21 Mathematics Unit 2 (F) – May 21 9.15am-11am
  • GMC31 Mathematics Unit 3 (H) – May 21 9.15am-11.15am
  • GMC41 Mathematics Unit 4 (H) – May 21 9.15am-11.15m
  • GMC51 Mathematics Unit 5 Non-Calc (F) – June 6 9.15am-10.15am
  • GMC52 Mathematics Unit 5 Calc (F) – June 6 10.45am-11.45am
  • GMC61 Mathematics Unit 6 Non-Calc (F) – June 6 9.15am-10.15am
  • GMC62 Mathematics Unit 6 Calc (F) – June 6 10.45am-11.45am
  • GMC71 Mathematics Unit 7 Non-Calc (H) – June 6 9.15am-10.30am
  • GMC72 Mathematics Unit 7 Calc (H) – June 6 10.45am-12noon
  • GMC81 Mathematics Unit 8 Non-Calc (H) – June 6 9.15am-10.30am
  • GMC82 Mathematics Unit 8 Calc (H) – June 6 10.45am-12noon

GCSE results day is August 22 for England and Wales.

Pupils will be able to collect their results in the morning, usually at around 10am.

Those waiting can also sign up to receive an email as soon as their results have been revealed.

Schools will be able to see exam results on most examining boards' systems by August 21 but they are for headteachers and exam officers' eyes only.


Students received the new grading system for the first time in 2017, with more subjects being added in 2018.

Twenty subjects now receive the new grades with the rest of the curriculum expected to fall in line with the marking system by 2020.

The system, implemented by the Government, sees grades A* to G replaced with a numerical 9 to 1 system.

A 9 is the top grade and 1 is the lowest pass, with a fail still called a U.

The top two marks of A and A* are roughly equivalent to a grade of 7, 8 or 9.

The good pass marks of B and C have been replaced by grades 4, 5 and 6.

And at the lower end of the scale, the grades D, E, F and G will now be scored 1, 2 or 3.

If your child wants to retake their Maths GCSE, you'll likely have to fork out.

The cost depends on the exam board but they are usually around £35 per GCSE and it will be more expensive for those who require extra resources.

However, some schools will pay for a teen to retake an exam.

Maths resits will take place in November 2019.

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