Depressing graphic reveals how long it take billionaires to earn YOUR salary with Amazon founder Jeff Bezos needing just 28 SECONDS

The billionaire tops the list of “you versus the mega rich” in a new infographic released by ABC Finance, showcasing the ever growing gap between the world’s richest people and the average worker.

The study also that it would take Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg one minute to earn £28,600 – the average annual UK salary – while billionaire James Dyson would secure the same wage in just six minutes.

Bill Gates, who has a net worth of $90 billion, could earn £28,600 in just four minutes.

The study found that it would take Bet365 mogul Denise Coats twenty minutes to snap up the five-figure salary – impressive but still a little longer than her billionaire counterparts.

She is worth £3billion alone, with her family raking £754million last year.

Virgin boss Richard Branson, who has a net worth of £4billion, also trails behind, taking 25 mins to earn the average year’s salary.

The top 10 richest people in the world

  • 1. Jeff Bezos – Amazon – £89.18billion ($112billion)
  • 2. Bill Gates – Microsoft – £71.66billion ($90billion)
  • 3. Warren Buffett – Berkshire Hathaway – £66.88billion ($84billion)
  • 4. Bernard Arnault – LVMH – £57.33billion ($72billion)
  • 5. Mark Zuckerberg – Facebook – £56.52billion ($71billion)
  • 6.  Amancio Ortega – Zara – £55.73billion ($70billion)
  • 7. Carlos Slim Helu – America Movil – £53.4billion ($67.1billion)
  • 8&9. JOINT Charles and David Koch -Koch Industries – £47.76billion each ($60billion each)
  • 10. Larry Ellison -Oracle – £46.57billion ($58.5billion)

The UK has 54 billionaires based here with a combined wealth of an astonishing £123 billion.

Asia is seen as the home of the mega-rich, with 719 billionaires, followed closely by North America with 631.

Europe is home to 554 billionaires, whereas Africa has just 25.

A spokesperson for ABC Finance said: “We love to compare ourselves to others, and this is especially true when those other happen to be ludicrously rich”.

Gary Hemming of ABC Finance Ltd said: “While many people are aware of the vast wealth that the big names in Silicon Valley have accumulated, what’s truly shocking is how this compares to an average wage.

“It’s definitely a sobering thought that Jeff Bezos earns the average annual UK salary in 30 seconds.”

An earlier study found the world’s rich have gotten richer, with the combined wealth of global billionaires at a record high in the past year.

Their wealth soared 24 per cent in the last 24 months, with 2,754 billionaires worldwide worth an eye-watering £6.83trillion collectively.


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