Donald Trump Makes Unsubstantiated Claim That Massive Surge Of Migrants Headed To Arizona ‘Boarder’

Trump has been criticized for the claim, and for his misspelling.

Donald Trump took to Twitter on Thursday to warn that a massive surge of migrants were headed to the U.S.-Mexico border in Arizona — all while failing to offer any evidence for a surge that none others have reported on and while also misspelling the word border.

Trump published the tweet claiming that the migrant group was headed for a part of the border that does not have protective fencing, then used that claim in a call to Democrats to offer funding for his proposed border wall, which Trump spelled “boarder.” As Reuters reported, Trump gave no evidence of the claim that a surge of migrants was on the way.

Donald Trump has been criticized for his response to a migrant caravan of Central Americans seeking asylum in the United States. Last month, Border Patrol closed an entry point as a group of these migrants arrived, leading to some clashes where agents fired tear gas toward the migrants, which included some families with young children. Critics accused Trump of manufacturing the crisis, noting that asylum seekers have the legal right to enter the United States and initiate the asylum process.

The migrant caravan was one of the central themes of Donald Trump’s many political rallies ahead of the 2018 midterm elections, leading critics to call it a ploy to help give Republicans an edge. They noted that for weeks after the election ended, Trump seemed to suddenly lose interest and stopped tweeting about the caravan.

Trump has also used the migrant caravan as part of his push for Democrats to fund his border wall, though they have refused. This week, House Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi soundly rejected the idea of authorizing any money to build the wall and said they must not link border wall funding with maintaining legal protection for Dreamers.

“They’re two different subjects,” she said.

As the Associated Press reported, Pelosi called the wall “immoral, ineffective, and expensive” and pointed out that Donald Trump had repeatedly promised during the 2016 campaign that he would make Mexico pay for the wall.

Donald Trump’s tweet claiming there was a rush of migrants to the border earned criticism as well, especially as Trump offered no evidence of the claim and there have been no other reports of immigrants heading to that area. Many others mocked Trump for his misspelling, referring to it as the “boarder” despite spelling it correctly a bit higher in the tweet.

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