Elizabeth Warren’s web of lies just totally collapsed

Elizabeth Warren’s whole embarrassingly improbable account of her claims to Native American ancestry has just fallen completely apart. It’s now indisputable that she’s been lying all along.

The Washington Post has uncovered her 1986 Texas State Bar registration card, which Warren personally filled out and signed, where she listed her race as “American Indian.” And, she now admits, there may be other such documents out there.

Funny: Back in 2012, when news first hit that Warren had been recorded as an American Indian in various faculty directories, she insisted she was unaware of the listing and hadn’t asked for it.

The implication was that someone else had filed the listing without her knowledge. This, even as she cited family lore of Native American ancestors.

In other words, she’s been making the claim to minority status for well over three decades. And while she insists she “never got any benefits from it anywhere” (citing as proof an article in the Warren-friendly Boston Globe), what other possible motive could she have had?

This is a far bigger problem for Warren than her ridiculous DNA-test fiasco, with its evidence that she might be 1/1,024th Native. Her answer to the Post’s scoop was to say she’s “sorry for not being more mindful about this decades ago” — when the larger issue is her mindful lies about it far more recently.

But, she added, “I can’t go back.” True enough — but what Democrats should be asking is why on earth they would want Warren, her credibility in shreds as she prepares to formally announce for president, to go forward.

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