Five Chinese ‘hitmen’ busted for outsourcing murder over development battle

That’s a no-hitter!

A hitman in China got cold feet so he hired another guy to do the job, but he also outsourced the murder — sparking a five-man-deep chain of bumbling subcontractors, none of whom actually did the deed.

All five unnatural born killers were sent to jail over the deadly game of hot potato — in which each pocketed some of the cash and paid the next guy less — in the country’s Guangxi region last week, USA Today reported.

The original hitman was first hired by real estate mogul Tan Youhu in 2013 to kill a rival developer who had sued his company over a building battle, according to the outlet.

Youhu paid Xi Guangan around $282,800 to slay his enemy, but the would-be killer took the cash and used half of it to hire another hitman, Mo Tianxiang, according to the report, which cited a release from the Nanning Intermediate People’s Court.

But Mo didn’t kill the developer either — he passed the job off to another bloke, Yang Kangsheng, paying him $38,000 upfront and promising around $71,000 when the job was done.

To ensure he’d finally be killed, Mo gave Yang the victim’s photo along with his license plate number, according to the court.

The next year Yang subcontracted the killing to a fourth man, Yang Guangsheng for $28,000 upfront and $71,000 upon completion, the court said.

A few months later, the second Yang tasked the hit to a fifth man, Ling Xiansi, for a measly $14,000.

Ling ended up telling the developer about the plot to kill him, and together they faked his murder — staging an image of him with his hands tied — in an apparent attempt to collect the cash, according to the outlet.

Eventually, the developer reported the murderous plot to police, and each of the would-be hitmen was sentenced to between two to four years in prison. The developer who hired the initial hit got five years in the slammer, the outlet reported.

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