Frozen cat comes back to life after being found buried under snow in -8C plunge

A cat that ‘froze to death’ under a mountain of snow has been miraculously brought back to life by vets.

Fluffy, who lives in Kalispell, Montana, was rushed to an animal hospital after her owners found her outside in -8C conditions with her voluminous fur matted in snow.

Dr. Jevon Clark and her team from the Animal Clinic of Kalispell used warm blankets in an attempt to wake up the ‘unresponsive’ feline.

After two hours, Fluffy’s temperature was still too low so vets took her to the emergency room.

According to Clark, cats’ temperatures normally are around 101 degrees.

Fluffy finally began to show signs of recovery after a few more hours of treatment.

The clinic wrote about the incident on Facebook : "Amazing success and survival story from this week. Some clients found their injured cat buried in snow."

"They brought her to us essentially frozen and unresponsive. Her temperature was very low but after many hours she recovered and is now completely normal."

Social media users have lined up to praise the quick-thinking of staff at the animal clinic.

One person wrote: "This is a miracle with some quick thinking on the part of her “parents” and this wonderful vet!!!!!! This outdoor cat has certainly used up one of her 9 lives! She is so lucky that she found such amazing care."

Another said: "Poor little kitty! Thank goodness someone found her! She’s beautiful!"

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