Giant severed shark's head bitten off by even bigger shark found by fisherman

A giant severed shark’s head was found in the ocean by a fisherman who says it was chomped by an even bigger creature.

Trapman Bermagui, also known as Jason, was hoping to catch smaller sharks off the coast of Sydney, Australia but instead hooked the decapitated 100kg head.

Just when he thought he’d seen it all, Jason found a marlin bill embedded in the mako shark’s head, which provided about 35kg of meat.

Great white sharks can grow to 6.4 metres and weigh between 680 and 1,800 kg, but some of the more hulking ones have been documented at 2,270kg, so if one was really hungry or spoiling for a fight, it could have ripped off the mako head.

People weighed in with their opinions on Facebook, with some pointing the finger as Orcas, a squid and even Chuck Norris.

Dan Lambert said: ‘The great Australian bight, it holds some big bloody sharks and even bigger more ferocious orcas that definitely do take out massive sharks easily. I saw the same documentary, plus seen many others on the same subject.’

Greg Giannaros said: ‘May be a squid as it’s bitten behind the head!!!’

A more probably explanation is the one given by Willem Steenekamp, who said: ‘Guess Chuck Norris went for a swim and craved some sushi.’

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