Heartbreaking moment £60,000 VW camper van is submerged by sea water

Heartbreaking moment vintage £60,000 pink VW camper van is submerged by sea water after it got stuck on beach during wedding photoshoot

  • Kitty Orme said it was ‘devastating’ to watch her pride and joy get swallowed up
  • The 41-year-old uses 1978 iconic motor for her wedding photo shoot business
  • But Ms Orme was unable to move the vehicle in time for the incoming tide when wheels became stuck in sand of a beach in North Wales where it was being used

These dramatic photos show the heart-breaking moment a businesswoman’s vintage VW Camper worth £60,000 got stuck on a beach and covered by the incoming tide.

Owner Kitty Orme, 41, said it was ‘devastating’ to watch as her pride and joy, which dates back to 1978, was swallowed up by the waves during a promotional photo-shoot.

Photos show the beautiful pink motor in five feet of water, with just the top of it peering above the waterline on Black Rock Sands in North Wales.

Pictured: The heartbreaking moment the vintage £60,000 pink VW camper van is submerged by sea water after it got stuck on the beach during a promotional photo shoot in North Wales

The van, dubbed Birdie by its owner Ms Orme, has been completely destroyed by the sea water

The vehicle and the van towing it were submerged in more than five feet of water on the beach

Owner Kitty Orme uses the van for photo shoots during weddings and the incident came as a second devastating blow after her business already suffered during the Covid-19 pandemic

Luckily it didn’t float away and could be retrieved from the beach in North Wales after the tide went back out, however, Ms Orme said it has still been ‘destroyed’.

The incident happened on Tuesday, when Ms Orme was hosting a promotional photoshoot on the beach with her car, which she affectionately named Birdie.

She went to move the Camper at around 4pm when the tide started coming in but was unable to because the wheels were stuck in the sand.

Ms Orme enlisted the help of locals to try and help tow her to safety, but their efforts were in vain and all she could do was watch as the water submerged the car.

It was recovered hours later close to midnight.

Ms Orme said: ‘It was absolutely horrendous to see. That Camper is my pride and joy and so important to me, to see it end up like that was heartbreaking.’

Ms Orme uses uses the vehicle as a photo booth and for photo shoots at weddings

The bright pink VW campervan was wrecked when a wedding instagram shoot went wrong

Ms Orme has set up a crowdfunding page to help cover the costs of the incident this week

Ms Orme uses Birdie as a photo booth on wheels and travels the country to weddings and festivals.

Her business was hit hard by the pandemic and Tuesday’s incident has served as a second devastating blow.

She said: ‘Wedding suppliers are already in a dreadful position, being unable to work and know when weddings of larger numbers will happen again.

‘The accident on Tuesday is going to effect many people.’

Because Ms Orme was hosting a shoot a number of traders had their valuable bespoke items on board, lots of which were destroyed by the water.

She has set up a crowdfunding page to help raise money for all those affected and to show their gratitude to the coastguard who helped them recover the vehicle.

Donate here: https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/save-birdie

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