Holiday park worker pens open letter to 'abusive' staycationers

Holiday park worker in Cornwall pens open letter to ‘abusive’ staycationers who left her in tears for trying to enforce social distancing rules and tells them ‘we are human too’

  • Receptionist Beth Richards asked tourists to remember staff are human too
  • She wrote an open letter to customers on social media that has now gone viral 
  • Others commented that they had experienced similar treatment and praised her 

A holiday park worker wrote an open letter to tourists reminding them that staff are ‘human too’ after ‘abusive’ customers left her in tears for trying to enforce social distancing rules. 

Receptionist Beth Richards decided to speak out when she heard that other workers in shops, restaurants and other holiday parks in Cornwall have also experienced abusive treatment this summer. 

After Beth posted her now-viral letter on Facebook she revealed that customers were so nasty to her she often cried in the staff room. 

Receptionist Beth Richards (pictured) wrote an open letter to tourists asking them to be kind and remember that ‘staff are human too’

She revealed that people would react so rudely to her when she tried to enforce social distancing rules that she would cry in the staff room 

Thousands of Brits have flocked to coastal locations after the easing of lockdown restrictions sparked a staycation boom.  

In her letter she addressed people who have said Cornwall is ‘immune’ to coronavirus by telling them that ‘no one is immune’ and that is why social distancing is still important. 

She says she has been called  ‘stupid’,’idiotic’ and a ‘b*tch’ for trying to enforce social distancing rules and that she leaves shifts feeling ‘totally defeated’. 

Beth ends off by reminding people they are lucky to be able to go on holiday during such a difficult time for so many people and urges them to be grateful and happy about being there. 

Many locals agreed with her saying tourists have been very aggressive this year with one worker saying she dreads going to work and that she is also often ‘in tears’ because of how rude people are.   

A letter from a very defeated holiday park receptionist: ‘We love having you here…but please remember we are humans too’ 


‘A letter from a very defeated receptionist.

‘Hi. I’m Beth and I’m a holiday park receptionist here in Cornwall.

‘I am here to clear a few things up:

‘1. YES, you are correct, without you and your custom I may very well be out of a job right now BUT you must remember that without us you would be without a holiday, it’s a two way street.

‘2. NOWHERE is ‘IMMUNE’ to COVID-19. The amount of times I have been told by you that you’ve come down to Cornwall because we are immune to it and you just want a break from everything is absurd.

‘3. SOCIAL DISTANCING STILL APPLIES. See the above point, we are not immune and we certainly do not have the capacity in our hospital for you to act like we are. For your own safety as well as ours, please try and keep your distance.

‘4. WE ARE STILL HUMAN. This brings me to my main point. I have come home from what was a reasonably short and supposedly easy shift today feeling totally defeated and lost for words. 

‘We cannot control Covid. I am not the creator of the rules so please don’t belittle me and call me stupid, idiotic or a b*tch just because you have to book a slot for the swimming pool or need to wear a mask for a mere 5 minutes in the shop. 

‘You wouldn’t like it if I responded to you in the same way.

‘5. Lastly, ENJOY YOUR STAY! Be grateful that in these times you have been lucky enough to travel and have a slight sense of normality in booking a holiday. 

‘For many people this is something they could only have wished for. 

‘We love having you here and are grateful that you are keeping our economy up and running and we thank you for it.


Many others said they had experienced similar treatment and praised her for speaking out. 

Hayley Walkington said: ‘We’ve had it all at my place of work. 

‘Covid seems to have made everyone very angry and impatient with people.

‘You dread going to work at the moment because it’s so stressful. 

‘The summer hols started as soon as Boris said parks could reopen.

‘I too have been in tears on more than one occasion. 

‘Well done you for speaking out.’

Nicola Ann Sheen said: ‘I work in one of the big supermarkets in a small seaside town in Cornwall and I think a small minority of people who come to Cornwall unfortunately leave their manners and their brains behind.’

Gloria Middleton-German said: ‘I am very glad this young woman spoke out about the way they are treating the local workers who are doing their best under very trying times.

‘We are all caught in this virus thing and I understand that no one wants to be there.

‘I think we can treat each other with respect and kindness. It cost us nothing. 

‘Please think what you are going to say before you open your mouth and say the wrong thing.’

Michael Newton said: ‘I work at a holiday park myself and cannot echo her words enough. Some of the abuse we have to deal with is shocking.

‘Myself and my colleagues are regularly doing 50-60 hours a week due to the extra steps to make sure our guests feel safe.

‘Although I must stress 99 per cent of guests are absolutely brilliant and appreciative of our efforts, the odd few that hurl abuse at us because they arrive eight hours early to check in and their unit isn’t ready is beyond a joke.

‘So to the 99 per cent thank you. To the others, remember we are humans that are just trying to keep yourselves and us safe.’

Jan Moore said: ‘I know exactly how she feels. I work in a supermarket and have heard the same things said, that tourists come down here to get away from all the restrictions they have at home.

‘I also agree that some tourists this year are not so friendly are very rude and certainly more aggressive than previous years, they seem to be more stupid than normal as well.’  

In the first week of August 41 new cases were confirmed compared to the 31 confirmed cases the week before. 

That took the average in of 4.57 cases a day to 5.88 cases a day in Cornwall and Devon, according to local media. 

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