How ISIS bride’s lawyer blamed Britain for Lee Rigby killer

How Shamima Begum’s family lawyer once accused Theresa May of ‘having Nazi blood’, said no Muslim should co-operate with police and blamed the security services for ‘creating’ Lee Rigby’s killer

The lawyer representing jihadi bride Shamima Begum was previously mired in controversy in comments he made about how Britain handled extremists.

Tasnime Akunjee first appeared in the public eye when he represented the families of three girls who fled to join ISIS in Syria in 2015.

Following Begum’s reappearance this month as ISIS’s so-called caliphate crumbles, Mr Akunjee has spearheaded a media campaign to get her and her newborn baby repatriated to the UK.

In headline-grabbing soundbites, he has compared her to a shell-shocked First World War soldier and claimed Nazi war criminals were given a fairer hearing than she is.

Tasnime Akunjee, right, first came to prominence when he sat alongside (left to right) Fahmida Aziz, Sahima Begum and Abase Hussen, all relatives of ISIS brides in Parliament in 2015

Mr Akunjee (right) has this week launched a media campaign to get Begum returned to the UK

Mr Akunjee has worked for a series of law firms since 2008, while also working as a legal adviser to the East London Mosque.

He appeared before a Parliamentary Committee alongside Sahima Begum, Fahmida Aziz and Hussen Abase, family members of the three girls who ran away to join ISIS in 2015.

But in the wake of the Parliamentary appearance, it emerged that Mr Akunjee had previously insisted Muslims should not co-operate with the British police because the Government’s Prevent counter-terror policy encouraged ‘straightforward, paid-for spying on the community’.

In an internet rant, he had said: ‘Does she [then Home Secretary Theresa May] have Nazi blood in her veins?’

Mr Akunjee was previously criticised over controversial views that British authorities ‘created’ Lee Rigby’s killer Michael Adebolajo by ‘making his life so difficult’

His views echoed those of CAGE (pictured), who said Jihadi John was a ‘beautiful young man’

Mr Akunjee was criticised for his closeness to CAGE, a group which was branded ‘apologists for terror’ after describing ISIS killer Jihadi John as a ‘beautiful young man’.

Like CAGE, he also claimed that the security services ‘created’ Michael Adebolajo — one of the killers Woolwich Fusilier Lee Rigby — by ‘making his life so difficult’.

According to his LinkedIn page, Mr Akunjee, the of a Bangladeshi doctor, studied at the £18,000-a-year City of London School for Boys, before doing law at the Universities of Sussex and then Westminster.

He joined a solicitors’ firm in London in 2008 and has since moved twice, specialising in terrorism-related cases.  

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