Incredible two-story 'apocalypse-proof' campervan worth £1.1m comes complete with ten beds & four TV's

THIS incredible two-story campervan comes complete with ten beds, four TVs and a fully functioning kitchen – and can be bought for £1.1million.

The 40ft long 'Commander' model from Australian firm SLRV has been described as "apocalypse proof" and is fit to drive in all terrains.

Potential buyers can sit back and relax on the sleek leather sofas while marvelling at the adjacent open plan kitchen.

They needn't dread finding a communal shower and toilet block, as they are spoilt with a shower and toilet of their own.

There's also plenty of space to store luggage for long trips away, with an aluminium roof rack easily accessed with a ladder and spotlights to guide the way.

In the kitchen, a 475l freezer offers more than double the space most campervansprovide (40l-230l). 

The motorhome can be fitted with almost any appliance, including an induction stove, convection ovens and microwaves, diesel-powered water heaters and speaker systems for entertainment Daily Mail Australia reports.

Buyers can also choose from a range of bathroom layouts, all of which include a mirrored vanity, shower and toilet. 

Meanwhile cupboards and storage containers are made with soft-close runners and compression latches which stop drawers from rattling over bumps and potholes.

Attention has also been paid to the functionality.  

The carriage is mounted on a German-made truck typically used to carry refrigerated containers for medium and long-haul transportation, making it perfect for longer road trips and off-road conditions.  

Every piece is waterproof and fire retardant for safety and durability, making the motorhome suited for every terrain.

Inside is well protected from the elements all year round with double-glazed windows and fly screen fitted across the inside.

Depending on single or two-storey configuration, the Commander can hold between 500 and 1,000 litres of water at a time – perfect for long-term travel across remote regions. 

There's also a 'city water' accessory that allows you to connect directly to mains water supply, bypassing tanks when you stop in urban areas.

SLRV engineer Warwick Boswerger believes interest in luxury caravans will only increase as coronavirus travel restrictions in Australia are eased.

Mr Boswerger said: "We have had continued demand for our larger vehicles as they present a luxurious option to tour the country with all the comforts of home – especially in times where overseas travel is not possible."

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