London's millionaire boy racers: Rich owner's parade supercars

London’s millionaire boy racers: Rich owners parade supercars worth hundreds of thousands of pounds through upmarket street in the capital – but police are called after well-heeled locals complain about noise

  • Those living on Sloane Street in London last night called the police after expensive supercars gathered
  • A Lamborghini, Porsche, and high power BMWs were stopped as 18 police officers descended on the scene
  • The supercars, worth hundreds of thousands of pounds, were racing along the street in the early hours  

Supercars were surrounded by police after drivers raced through wealthy London neighbourhoods past midnight yesterday.

Revving engines kept those living along Sloane Street, between Knightsbridge and Belgravia, awake into the early hours of the morning as cars worth hundreds of thousands of pounds streaked along the road.

Some 18 police officers were called to the road where some cars were surrounded while the drivers’ details were checked. 

Officers found cars with missing number plates as they issued warnings for loud exhausts and anti-social driving after a number of calls were made to 999. 

A Lamborghini, Porsche, and high power BMWs were among a number of vehicles stopped on the popular shopping street last night in a bid to cut down the racing.

A yellow Lamborghini was pulled over by police on Sloane Street last night as 18 police officers arrived to tackle to problem of anti-social driving into the early hours of this morning

Police officers were out in force to do spot checks and offer warnings or fines to any drivers breaking the law on the affluent London street last night. This silver BMW was one of many high-powered cars pulled over by officers

Supercars worth thousands of pounds lined the streets last night as drivers took their prized possessions out for a spin to show off the cars’ power

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The driver and passenger of a high-powered BMW wait outside the car while their details are checked by three police officers during the crackdown

Many of the police officers arrived at the scene on bicycles during their night patrolling the streets of London. Some 18 officers arrived on the street after a number of complaints were made by well-heeled residents

A police officer points at a number plate as he inspects one of the super cars with his colleague looking on. The yellow Lamborghini was just one of a number of expensive cars to be checked over

Police watch on after pulling over a white Porsche during the night of spot checks. The driver and his passenger pulled onto the side of the road where a number of officers waited to offer a warning over anti-social driving

A young man stands next to a silver BMW as he waits while an officer checks the car’s details on an electronic device. The area is well-known as a place where supercars gather in the summer months

A man speaks to a police officer near the Lamborghini that was pulled over. A woman sits in the passenger seat and another man waits nearby

A matt black Kawasaki motorcycle with a luminous green trim was among the vehicles to be pulled over. A man speaks to police as they check something on an electronic device

A motorcycle driver pulls over and gets off the Kawasaki motorbike after police officers inspect vehicles on the street following a number of noise complaints

A black Lambourghini is left with its driver door open after it was parked up on the side of the road ahead of a police inspection. The crackdown was launched last night after cars continued racing along the road past midnight

A man wears an orange face mask to protect against coronavirus while his car is checked over by police officers. One appears to be making notes while the other talks to the driver

A red BMW was parked up outside a Dolce & Gabbana store after the police stopped cars speeding along the wealthy shopping street 

Six police officers crowded around one car after it was pulled over while driving along the street. The officers issued a number of cautions throughout the night

The black car’s driver made his way around the back of the car ready to speak to officers as another vehicle pulled in to park behind him. A number of supercars and high-powered BMWs were stopped

A police officer stoops down to speak to the driver of a red BMW during the night of spot checks before the driver and passenger were asked to step out of the vehicle

A driver’s license is compared to details found on a police officers mobile device while officers try to find out if the man was driving the supercar legally 

A Lamboughini worth hundreds of thousands of pounds was just one of dozens of vehicles pulled over during the course of the night 

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