Man filmed hurling himself naked down middle of train as commuters cheer him on

A passenger caused quite a stir on a packed Melbourne train after he was filmed sliding naked down a carriage.

Video posted to a Facebook page dedicated to a Melbourne train line shows a blonde-haired naked man making his way up the carriage of the Lilydale Line service as a cheery crowd chant loudly.

He covers his genitals with one hand, turns back to face the crowd and hurls himself onto the wet floor of the carriage.

The man then slides past a few rows of seats on his stomach while making his way to the middle of the carriage.

Passengers couldn't help but take out their phones to film the moment while others cheered and applauded.

The 18-second clip has since been viewed over 503,000 times on the 'Lilydale Line' Facebook page where it gathered thousands of comments online.

One person wrote: "This is the most Australian video I've seen all year."

Another commuter crowned it a national sport, saying: "Whenever someone says Australia doesn't have any culture, just tell them that nude train sliding is our national sport."

Some worried about the hygiene on the train as they feared the man could have 'contracted eight diseases in this one short video'.

According to the post, the incident happened just after 9.30pm on Tuesday.

It remains unclear why the man stripped naked on the train and slid down the centre of the train carriage.

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