Melania Trump could get huge $50MILLION divorce settlement if she splits from Donald when he leaves office

MELANIA Trump could receive as much as $50million in divorce settlement if she splits from Donald Trump when he leaves office.

As rumors began circulating of a potential divorce between President Trump and the First Lady, lawyer Jacqueline Newman has predicted a very generous payout.

“I would imagine the payout would be fairly generous,” Newman told Town and Country.

However, Newman said the figure would depend on whether Melania receives custody of their son, Barron, which she believe the First Lady wins easily.

“It doesn’t seem as if there’s going to be much question as to who the primary caretaker is.

“My guess is that should would get primary custodial rights and he would get access whenever he happens to be in town,” the lawyer said.

The couple first met in 1998, when Melania was introduced to the then-real estate mogual.

They have been married for 15 years and have one son together, Barron, 14.

Trump has been married twice, before Melania, which both ended in divorce with the settlements fought out with prenuptial agreements.

Trump was first married to his then-wife Ivanka Trump in 1977, with the couple divorcing in 1992.

Ivanka reportedly received $14million, a mansion in Connecticut, a New York apartment and access to Mar-a-Lago once a year after contesting the pre-nup in the divorce settlement.

Trump then married Marla Maples, the couple were married between 1993 and 1999.

Maples was reportedly given a apayout of $2million after also contesting the prenuptial.

Speculations of a Melania and Trump divorces began to make headlines after the couple stepped out on Wednesday at a Veteran's Day ceremony.

Melania was pictured holding onto a serviceman's arm and not her husbands as they arrived at Arlington National Cemetery in Virginia

Body language expert Judi James, spoke exclusively to Fabulous Digital and said Melania appeared "tense" while Trump is under "clear pressure."

"Donald and Melania performed some of their most tactile and affectionate PDAs on the run-up to the election, with Trump in particular looking keen to present himself as a loving family man, while Melania endorsed that image verbally in her rally speeches.

"With a defeat in sight though this latest appearance has been seen as prophetic and iconic, given the speculation and rumours that Melania might be poised to quit both the White House and her marriage.

"Arriving behind her husband and clutching the arm of a serviceman rather than her husband’s it might be easy to assume we’re seeing a pose that defines the state of the Trump’s marriage, with Melania watching poker-faced behind him and with her free hand curled in what looks like a gesture of tension," James said.

Melania is reported to regard their 15-year marriage as over and is waiting only for Joe Biden's inauguration in January before making it formal.

Fired White House aide and The Apprentice star Omarosa Manigault Newman is certain they will split, reported the Daily Mail over the weekend.

She said: "Melania is counting every minute until he is out of office and she can divorce.

"If Melania were to try to pull the ultimate humiliation and leave while he's in office, he would find a way to punish her."

Newman – who made the claims in her tell-all book Unhinged – has previously said the Trumps have "a very strange marriage."

She told British daytime TV show Lorraine last month that Melania is "repulsed" by her husband.

She said: "I'm very cautious to comment on the dynamics of a marriage because you never know what goes on behind closed doors.

"But I have known this couple since they were dating, they got married a year after The Apprentice aired.

"What I have observed in the last 17 years would make your head spin. Sometimes they like each other but sometimes she is repulsed by him."

For the holiday season, Melania will decorate the White House this Christmas one last "f***ing" time after being cause on audio in 2018 blasting the tradition.

In 2018, Melania was recorded – by her then-adviser, Stephanie Wolkoff – saying, “I’m working… my ass off on the Christmas stuff that you know. Who gives a f*** about the Christmas stuff and decorations? But I need to do it, right?”

Wolkoff, the First Lady’s longtime friend and former White House aide, shared the secret audio tapes with CNN last month while promoting her tell-all book, Melania & Me.

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