Met police seize terrifying 15-inch zombie knife

Met police seize terrifying 15-inch zombie knife – one of the biggest knives they have ever found as they hail the success of stop-and-search

  • Hillingdon Police posted an image of the terrifying blade on their social media 
  • The 15 inch zombie knife seems to have been seized with bags of marajuana  
  • Zombie knives are one of the weapons of choice for criminals in the capital 

A terrifying 15-inch zombie knife was seized by police during a stop-and-search in west London.

Hillingdon Police posted an image of the weapon on their social media and hailed the success of the seizure, which was made as part of an operation in Ealing Broadway.

The force emphasized the effectiveness of their tactics, as they claimed more searches would lead to a reduction of crime and less injured people being rushed to hospital for care.

Hillingdon Police posted a photograph of the shocking seizure which they made in Ealing, west London

The force used their social media post to talk-up the benefits of stop and search, where they claimed they helped prevent victims and ease the burden on the NHS

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They tweeted: ‘#OpWolverine in Ealing Broadway tonight & look what we got.Why would you need to carry a 12 inch bladed Zombie knife? 

‘Drugs+knives+stop&search=The Cells. Taking this off the streets means less victims, less grief stricken families & less stress on a busy NHS. Stop & Search works!’

The blade, longer than a 12 inch ruler, was seized alongside a black sheaf for the weapon and what appeared to be four bags of marijuana.   

Zombie knives have become one of the weapons of choice for criminals in the capital.

The majority of murder investigations in 2018 — 68 out of 119 —have been stabbings. Thirty of these were of boys and young men aged 15-24, mostly black, mostly in the poorer neighbourhoods.

The 15-inch blade had a serrated edge at the bottom and holes in the middle of the blade

Police have issued a warning to those pursuing knife crimes.

They said Crime Scene Investigation specialists are equipped to obtain DNA and fingerprints despite perpetrators best efforts to cover them up.

A zombie knife refers to a knife with a serrated edge. It often includes symbols and words that suggest it is used for violent purposes.

The knife seizure comes just days after a Daily Mail investigation found the number of murders and knife crimes has soared in the UK.

This Summer alone, there were 100 reported killings in England’s capital. 

New statistics, published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS), showed the number of homicides nationwide is up from 630 to 719, with overall recorded crime up by almost 10%.

The breakdown revealed a hike in the number of recorded robberies (up 22%), sexual offences (up 18%), vehicle-related theft (up 7%) and burglaries (2%).

The statistics of murders in London’s capital found 55 happened in public places and 22 were gang-related violence.

Knife crimes were up to a staggering 39,332 in the last year – a record high since 2011. 

An amendment to the Criminal Justice Act 1988 will ban the sale, manufacture, rental or importation of knives often referred to as ‘zombie knives’, ‘zombie killer knives’ and ‘zombie slayer knives’.

The knives can have cutting blades of up to 25 inches, have a serrated edge and include images or words that glamorise violence.

Zombie knives have become increasingly common on the streets of the capital

Combat knife discovered during stop and search in Orpington last month

Machete discovered on a youth in Greenwich after his friend taunted police for taking a short food break, right. Pictured: Machete seized by Greenwich Gangs Unit from a car in Woolwich dockyard area, left

Pictured: Knives uncovered in a stop and search of a car in West Hendon, in the London Borough of Barnet 

A Zombie knife picked up in Dagenham by the Metropolitan Police

Kukri knife found during a stop and search in Plumstead, left, and machete found in Lambeth on Wednesday night, right. ‘No you’re right, stop and search clearly doesn’t work!!’ says police tweet

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