Mom who blogged about 4-year-old daughter's 'freak' death sentenced to life in prison after confessing to smothering her

AN ALABAMA mother has been sentenced to life imprisonment after pleading guilty to murdering her four year old daughter.

Stephanie Diane Smith, 29, was charged with murder after confessing to killing her daughter, Zadie Wren Cooper, by smothering her with a pillow four years ago.

Smith initially denied involvement in her daughters death, having told police Zadie suffocated by wedging herself between her bed and the wall in 2016, the Mirror reported.

An autopsy was unable to determine the cause of death.

Smith further denied any rumors of her involvement through blog posts on a website called "Living Without Z: A Journey Through Grief."

In 2017, Smith wrote, "What happened to Z was a freak occurrence. So freaky, people actually accused ME of killing her. Yes, you read that right. That's how desperate we are for answers. I get no closure. Her death remains a mystery. And I couldn't have predicted it or prevented it, just like I couldn't save her."

That same year, Smith confessed to police that she killed her daughter.

She also told authorities that she had a mental condition and stopped taking it before she killed Zadie.

Her trial had originally been set for earlier this year but waas delayed because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Smith has the possibility for parole during her life sentence.

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