Moment ridiculously cute puppy discovers what a lemon tastes like

Moment ridiculously cute puppy discovers a lemon – and meets its new greatest foe

  • A pet owner filmed the moment her golden retriever puppy tasted a lemon
  • The puppy had been begging for a taste while she was making a salad 
  • The eight-week-old pup can be seen wrinkling its nose and barking at the lemon 

A cute puppy’s day soured quickly after it got its first taste of a lemon. 

A New York City pet owner recorded the moment when her curious eight-week-old puppy tried the sliced citrus fruit and — surprise! — it wasn’t love at first lick. 

In the video, the owner can be seen holding out half of a lemon in her hand, offering it to the puppy. 

An eight-week-old puppy was filmed tasting a lemon for the first time and it didn’t go over well

The fluffy golden retriever puppy then cautiously approaches the fruit and sniffs at it, before quickly backing away and bumping into another canine standing in the background. 

The puppy can then be seen licking its nose and adorably wrinkling its snout with distaste. He also paws at its nose several times in an effort to wipe away the lemon. 

Not one to shy away from new experiences, however, the puppy sidles back up to the proffered lemon and gives it another sniff. 

After taking a moment to think about it, the puppy decides that he definitely does not like the sour citrus and barks at it with distaste.  

The puppy could be seen wrinkling its nose with distaste and barking at the offending lemon

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The puppy’s owner wrote in the video’s description that she was ‘making a salad and using the lemon’ when the puppy started ‘begging for some so I decided to see if he liked it. He did not.’  

According to pet food retailer Chewy, dogs can eat lemons in very small amounts because it is not toxic to them, although even consuming limited quantities can cause the animals GI distress. 

If a dog consumes a large enough quantity of lemon, it could lead to upset stomach, vomiting, weakness or diarrhea.

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