New Jersey woman arrested after selling sick puppy, illegal medication

A New Jersey woman pretending to be a member of an animal rescue group has been charged with illegally prescribing medication to treat a sick puppy she sold to a customer, authorities said.

Dawn Abrams, of Shamong, was arrested Friday after the customer reported to police last month that the Westie/Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy mix became sick, New Jersey State Police said in a statement.

The customer contacted Abrams saying the 2-month old puppy was sick, and Abrams informed the customer that she had medication to treat the pet.

Abrams, 46, didn’t provide the customer with the proper medication dosage or veterinary information.

Cops also found that Abrams had sold the puppy outside a pet shop in Lumberton Township and claimed to be affiliated with an animal rescue group.

The group had dissociated itself from Abrams for more than a year before puppy sale, but she kept claiming she was a part of the organization, police said.

It’s unclear if Abrams worked for the group before her arrest. The puppy has since recovered.

Abrams has been charged with impersonation, unlicensed practice of medicine and unlawful distribution of prescription drugs.

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