News presenter Ben Brown startled as camera catches him nodding off during bulletin leaving viewers in stitches

BBC News presenter Ben Brown was caught on camera nodding off during a news bulletin leaving viewers in stitches.

Brown appeared to be falling asleep, live on air before quickly regaining his composure and waking up to deliver his next lines.

The very human side of being tired after a long shift was shown with the presenter laughing at himself once he remembered he was on camera. 

For many, the times seem bleak with news bulletins detailing the restrictions over the Christmas period but Brown’s mishap made a few Twitter users chuckle. 

One Twitter user commented:Seems like tier 4 fatigue is getting to the BBC News presenters”

Another had sympathy for the presenter, saying: “We as viewers, often forget that presenters like Ben are human and just the same as us, but on the telly.”

It left some people’s spirits lifted: ‘’That’s hilarious! You’ve brightened everyone’s day with that clip!”

However, the news presenter did go onto Twitter later to apologise for the ordeal and poke fun at himself: 

“Apologies for this dear viewers – I was at the end of a long shift after a 5am start when the director cut to me by mistake. The perils of live TV!”

Boris' decision to put 20 million people into Tier 4 has no doubt left many needing something simple to cheer them up.

With bubbles axed, and many left with no choice but to spend the holiday season alone or with fewer loved ones than expected.

The latest wave of restrictions comes after a new strain of Coronavirus has proven to be 70 per cent more contagious and on the brink of overwhelming hospitals in the worst-hit areas.

In Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon introduced a travel ban to other parts of the UK and announced a three week lockdown from Boxing Day.

The First Minister said 17 cases of the new mutant strain of Covid has been identified north of the border.

Wales is also set to go into lockdown today while Northern Ireland will enter a six-week shutdown on December 26.

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