‘Out of touch’ Bill Clinton didn’t know what ‘Friends’ show was, ex-aide says

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Former President Bill Clinton was so “out of touch” with reality he didn’t even know what the Emmy award-winning show “Friends” was about, an ex-adviser revealed.

Doug Band, in a tell-all interview with Vanity Fair published Wednesday, claimed that working for the Clintons felt like being in a “cult” he found difficult to get out of.

After Clinton left office in 2001, nobody wanted to work for him, Band said. He remembered his boss felt lonely and depressed because his wife Hillary was living in Washington and his daughter Chelsea was away studying at Oxford.

Clinton’s idea of fun was telling war stories and playing card games. He even asked Band to break down the show “Friends” for him because he wasn’t in tune with popular TV shows at the time.

“He was very out of touch with the world,” Band recalled. “He asked me one night to explain what was going on in this show called ‘Friends.’”

“Friends” premiered on NBC in September 1994 — more than a year after Clinton was sworn into the presidency.

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