Pet owner pleads for people to stop feeding one-stone cat

Desperate owner pleads for mystery neighbour to stop feeding her ONE-STONE pet cat Iris who has kept piling on the pounds despite being on a strict diet

  • Sheena Wilson has been trying to put her ‘diva’ pet cat called Iris on a diet
  • But the 7.5kg cat is not losing the weight it needs to before having an operation 
  • Her owner from Devon suspects a kind neighbour has been sneaking her treats 
  • The British Blue cat is now too fat to fit through the cat flap of its Exmoor home

The owner of a fat cat that is now too large to squeeze through its cat flap has pleaded for strangers not to feed the overweight feline. 

Sheena Wilson has been trying to put her ‘diva’ pet Iris on a diet after the cat started steadily gaining weight. 

But despite going onto a strict low-fat calorie controlled diet, Iris now tips the scales at a whopping one stone – or 7.5kg – and the number on the scale keeps rising. 

Iris’ owner says the cat ‘pretends to be neglected’ and tries to trick people into thinking she has ‘an empty tummy’ in a bid to guzzle more food.  

Iris tips the scales at 7.5kg and her owner says the cat ‘pretends to be neglected’ and tries to trick people into thinking she has ‘an empty tummy’

‘She’s getting bigger and bigger,’ Sheena added. ‘We cannot keep her indoors. Her diet, as you can see, is not going very well.’

Ms Wilson from Exmouth in Devon has issued a desperate appeal to her neighbours on Facebook page after coming to the conclusion they must be sneaking her treats.  

Although she suspects the overzised feline might also be eating food left outside for the hedgehogs.

Ms Wilson described Iris as a bit of a ‘diva’ who likes to be ‘the centre of attention’.

She also told how it is crucial that her British Blue short-hair breed cat loses the weight as she needs to have an operation.  

The British Blue breed cat needs to lose weight as she needs to have an operation, according to her owner Sheena Wilson

Overweight animals like cats are at risk of long-term health problems including heart disease and diabetes if they do not shed the pounds.      

Ms Wilson wrote: ‘She’s been in denial about being on a diet for some time and continues to beg for treats.’

‘It’s becoming a problem for her now as only her head fits in the flap on the door, which we have locked.

‘As you can see she really doesn’t care but we’d love to have her with us for as long as possible.’ 

Iris’ waistline has now grown so much that she can no longer fit through the cat flap.  

‘So she can only use it to play peek a boo and can’t fit the rest of her in it,’ her owner adds. 

The cheeky cat has instead resorted to tapping on the door to get the attention of its loving owners every time she wants to go in and out of the house. 

An average cat weighs about 3.5kg – although British Blues are known to be chunky and the males can weight up to 5kg. 

Ms Wilson’s situation was met with hilarious responses on social media.

One person wrote: ‘She looks like the cat that got the cream…… and the fish… and the biscuits… oh, and the cheese (sic)’.

Another posted: ‘Look at that chunky monkey – please give her exactly 6 belly pats for me.’

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