Pete Doherty arrested in seedy Paris district for ‘buying cocaine in the street’ – The Sun

PETE Doherty has been nabbed in a seedy Paris district for allegedly buying cocaine in the street.

A spokesman for Paris prosecutors confirmed that Doherty was "placed in detention" in the early hours of this morning, and faces drug-related charges.

The Libertines singer, 40, was said to be drunk and in possession of cocaine when approached by officers – who allegedly saw the drug deal – at about 3am on Friday.

Tests were carried out after he was taken into custody.

The rocker can be held for 24 hours at a police station, before either being charged or released.

An investigating source said: "The suspect was arrested in the Pigalle district, and was carrying two grammes of cocaine.

"The allegation is that he was involved in an illegal street transaction at the time.

"He was drunk, and did not comply with the police to begin with, but was eventually taken to a police car."


Doherty was taken into custody in central Paris and then placed under formal criminal investigation, the source added.

There were witnesses to the arrest in Pigalle – a seedy area full of sex clubs – and many passers-by shot videos of what happened.

He is a frequent visitor to Paris, and often spends long periods living and performing in the French capital.

Doherty, the ex-boyfriend of supermodel Kate Moss, has previous convictions for drug offences, and also for theft and driving without a licence.

He and Moss dated from 2005 to 2007, and it's claimed that he recently sent her a "rambling love letter" with poetry and lyrics.

She is said to have turned her back on her party lifestyle and has been teetotal for more than a year.

In the past, Doherty has pleaded guilty to possession of cocaine, heroin, cannabis and ketamine.

In May 2011 he was sentenced to six months in jail for cocaine possession in the UK.

Since moving to Margate, Kent, in 2017 Doherty has been arrested by the police on a number of occasions.

In January this year the Don’t Look Back Into The Sun singer was held for 48 hours and questioned. But, charges of drug possession and driving related offences were later dropped.

Cocaine is a banned drug in France, where possession for personal use is punishable with a prison sentence of up to a year, plus a fine.

This maximum sentence can be increased if there are aggravating factors, such as someone in possession endangering other people.

The Pigalle area of Paris is known for its illegal trade in street drugs, where two grams of cocaine can be bought for the equivalent of about £250.



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