Proud Boys leader, members reportedly stabbed during Washington DC unrest; police seeking 3 suspects

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Washington, D.C., police are on the hunt for a trio of suspects who allegedly stabbed and slashed at least four people, including the leader of the Proud Boys, during overnight unrest, according to officials, reports and a video shared on social media.

Enrique Tarrio, who heads the far-right group, told the Gateway Pundit early Wednesday morning that he suffered a slash wound to the stomach during the clash. Three others, including two other members of the Proud Boys, were also attacked after the group “got jumped by Black Lives Matter,” said Jen Loh, who captured video of the assault, according to the New York Post.

Tarrio told the Gateway Pundit he and others stepped in after seeing a man being stabbed. 

The video and Gateway Pundit identify one of the other three victims as Bevelyn Beatty, who is identified in the report as being a Trump supporter and activist.

“We were helping some guy that was getting stabbed by two black males and one female. Bevelyn got stabbed as well as two Proud Boys and the guy they were attacking,” Tarrio told the outlet. “I got slashed, but it’s not serious. We were walking to our cars.” 


Some of the injuries are “very serious, but not life-threatening," he reportedly said.

Video, which circulated on social media early Wednesday, shows several people brawling before the alleged attackers scurry off.

“They stabbed me,” Beatty can be heard saying at the end of the video, as she holds a hand to her back.

At the end of the video, Loh can be heard telling a man: “Oh my God, you’ve got tons of blood coming out of your neck,” as the camera pans to the injury.

Beatty suffered a stab wound to the back, while one victim was stabbed in the ear and the other in the neck, respectively, according to the report.

Photographs from the aftermath show bloodstains along the pavement and something that appears to be a weapon left behind.

Police confirmed that two men and one woman suffered injuries that were not life-threatening during the stabbing, which was reported to have happened shortly before 2:30 a.m. in the area of New York Avenue, Northwest.


They are searching for three suspects: two men who were wearing all black clothing and a woman who was wearing a dark gray coat, black sweatpants with a white stripe and orange leggings. Police said the female suspect was armed with a knife.

More than 1,000 people protesting President Donald Trump converged on Black Lives Matter Plaza on Tuesday night, just a block from the White House, while hundreds more marched through parts of downtown Washington, sometimes blocking traffic and setting off fireworks.


Police in D.C. said they arrested four people during the unrest from Tuesday night into Wednesday.

The Associated Press contributed to this report. 

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