QAnon conspiracy group suffers another post-election blow as 'online platform shuts down' after Trump's loss to Biden

THE QAnon conspiracy group suffer another post-election blow as their "online platform shuts down" after Donald Trump's loss to Joe Biden.

In a strange farewell post, Voat co-founder Justin Chastain announced that the extreme right-wing social networking platform will shut down on December 25.

The shut down adds to President Trump's failure to secure an election victory or overturn his defeat.

The loss for Voat is also a setback for QAnon, the pro-Trump conspiracy theory movement whose supporters took to the site to air out their beliefs.

QAnon is a conspiracy theory that claims America is run by a cabal of pedophiles and Satan-worshippers who run a global child sex-trafficking operation and that Trump is the only person who can stop them.

Founded in 2014, Voat became a hub for right-wing extremist where they could voice vulgar language and beliefs after they were banned from Reddit.

Since then Voat has faced a number of warnings from law enforcement about threats made on the site.

In 2017, Chastain warned that the website would likely shut down, but a year later he announced a partnership with an "Angel" investor to keep the site running.

However, since then that "Angel" has abandoned the project, leaving Voat stranded.

"The short of it is that the 'Angel' defaulted on the contract in March 2020," Chastain said.

"This is when Voat lost all of it's funding. I personally decided to keep Voat up until after the U.S. election of 2020.

"I've been paying the costs out of pocket but now I'm out of money.

"Instead of feeling pity or vengeful, I'm instead going to celebrate the fact that Voat stayed up for so long," Chastain wrote in the farewell post.

"In my opinion, Voat is and will always be the biggest dysfunctional family on the internet."

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