Russian beauty queen posts heartbreaking pic of her baby son disowned by Malaysian King after shock ‘divorce’ – The Sun

A RUSSIAN beauty queen has posted a heartbreaking picture of the baby son disowned by her ex-husband, the former King of Malaysia.

Rihanna Oksana Veovodina, 27, married Sultan Muhammad V, 49, in a secretive ceremony in Moscow last year, but the two divorced suddenly earlier this month.

Veovodina gave birth to a son in May, but was forced to challenge the Sultan to take a paternity test after his lawyers said there was "no objective evidence… as to the biological father of the child".

She has also questioned whether the divorce is valid, telling a Malaysian news outlet: "This is an act of provocation. We have never been divorced."

Posting a picture of herself holding her son on Instagram this week, Veovodina wrote: "I'm writing and I can not resist the tears from flowing…

"And I do not think it's necessary to hold it, because it's a cry of joy and gratitude!

"I want to tell all Malaysians: you are all great souls, for receiving and supporting me – a woman from a foreign country and growing up with different cultures.

"I am very proud of the blood of Malaysia flowing in my child.

She added: "In my life, I had to face various kinds of crimes, deceit and malicious misfortune.

"But you assure me that there is still good in this world."


The sultan announced his shock abdication of the Malaysian throne in January, just months after the couple wed, but earlier this month a copy of a divorce certificate surfaced online.

The reasons for both the abdication and the separation remain uncertain, but both are thought to be related to rumours surrounding Veovodina's past life in Russia as a model and beauty queen.

The certificate, which bore the Kelantan state crest, has been confirmed to be genuine by a source of the New Straits Times.

It said the divorce was registered on July 1, and was marked as being the wife's copy.

It also indicated the divorce was registered in Singapore and done by the utterance three times of the word "talak" – the most serious form of divorce in Islam.

Veovodina, who converted to Islam to marry the king, is reported to have once had sex in a swimming pool while appearing on a reality television show under a false name.

She is the the daughter of a Russian orthopaedic surgeon and won the Miss Moscow contest three years ago.

She is reported to have met the king 18 months ago while in Europe modelling luxury watches.


In the weeks after the birth of the couple's son on May 21, Voevodina posted a series of family photos to Instagram with messages in both English and Russian.

One photo shows the new mum cradling her baby's feet in one hand.

She captioned the snap: "21 May 2019 – the day when my life was divided into 'before' and 'after'.

"Everything that I was told about the changes occurring with a woman after the birth of a baby is true.

"This love is special. These feelings are completely new.

"I am grateful to Allah and my husband for our son.

"Now there are three of us."

Recalling her Moscow marriage, she also wrote: "I want to say thank you to the people who shared this happy moment with us and were together with us that evening!

"It was wonderful and beautiful wedding."

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