Sainsbury's 'plug boy' Christmas ad receives dozens of complaints over health and safety fears

Plug Boy became an internet sensation when he launched himself into a huge electrical socket in the ad about kids performing in a play.

But the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has received 35 complaints over the Christmas advert, with people scared children will copy the young lad by "playing with plug sockets".

The watchdog is currently looking into the complaints but a decision hasn't been made on whether or not to launch an investigation, The Mirror reports.

Fans of Plug Boy have now flooded the internet slamming the complainers as they accused them of "trying to ruin Christmas".

One said: "People are ridiculous. # PlugBoy is awesome and kids need to be brought up to distinguish between what's fiction and reality."



Another wrote: "OK. Who complained about Plug Kid?? Why are you trying to ruin Christmas?"

While one said: "Urgh, spoilsports. Are they worried the ad will encourage children to stick their fingers in electrical sockets, or fling themselves at walls? Because that's just something kids…already do, isn't it?"

The advert was shot by famed Hollywood director Michael Gracey and features adorable Tia Grace Isaac singing New Radical’s hit ‘You Get What You Give’.

A total of 60 ordinary children were involved in the eight days of filming in October at Stoke Newington Town Hall in north-east London.

During the performance a Christmas tree pops up in the background and the children are giving their all to give their parents a good show.

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