SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE: Sajid Javid’s brother Bas wins top job at Met

Sajid Javid’s little brother Bas wins job to manage frontline policing as Commander at Scotland Yard

Javid is the winner! Not Home Secretary Sajid Javid, a leading candidate to succeed Theresa May as Prime Minister, but his brother Bas, who has won a key role at the Metropolitan Police.

Currently a Chief Superintendent at the West Midlands force, Bas has secured promotion to the role of Commander at Scotland Yard, in charge of frontline policing.

‘After 12 years with West Midlands Police, I’ll be sad to say goodbye next week,’ 48-year-old Bas confirms.

Currently a Chief Superintendent at the West Midlands force, Basit Javid (left) has secured promotion to the role of Commander at Scotland Yard, which is under the control of his brother the Home Secretary Sajid Javid (right)

Sajid is much more closely involved at Scotland Yard than elsewhere. The Met is the only force where the Home Secretary has a role in choosing the chief and his deputy. Sajid is also involved in counter-terror policing, which is carried out nationally through the Met.

However, there is no suggestion that Bas won his promotion through anything other than hard work. Sajid, 49, has pointed to the influence of his brother as he campaigns to win the keys to 10 Downing Street.

‘Long before I became Home Secretary, I understood the vital role police played thanks to my brother Bas, a Chief Superintendent in the West Midlands,’ he wrote.

‘I’ve heard about the terrible situations he and his colleagues have found themselves in. And when we get together, it never takes him long to tell me how much harder his job has got — and how much of the blame for that lies at the door of well-meaning, but out-of-touch, politicians.’

The brothers were born in Rochdale, Lancashire, as two of five sons of Pakistani Muslim immigrant parents.

Their father, who arrived in Britain with £1 in his pocket, worked as a bus driver before moving to Bristol to run a shop. The family lived in a two-bedroom flat above it.

‘When I was younger, I was in a gang,’ Sajid has said. ‘A gang of two. It involved me and my brother Bas. We called ourselves The Crime Busters.’

Kit’s wife Rose joins in the festival spirit

While Game Of Thrones star Kit Harington has checked into a rehab clinic to deal with stress and alcohol issues, his wife and co-star of the TV series appears to be in good spirits.

Donning a blue floral dress and plimsolls, Rose Leslie, 32, was all smiles in the weekend sunshine as she laughed and enjoyed a cooling drink with friends at the All Points East music festival at Victoria Park in London, where indie folk band Bon Iver were playing.

Her outing comes just one week after 32-year-old Kit, who amassed an £8 million fortune from the series in which he played Jon Snow, checked into the £95,000-a-month Prive Swiss wellness retreat in Connecticut.

Rose Leslie, 32, was all smiles in the weekend sunshine at the All Points East music festival (right) as star husband Kit Harington checked into a wellness retreat in Connecticut

Hicks tot designs his own nursery

Kata Hicks with son Caspian

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Interior designer Ashley Hicks’s son, Caspian, proves he’s quite the precocious tot, as he’s decorating his own room at the age of just 17 months.

Ashley’s estranged wife, American fashionista Kata, whom he married in 2015 after meeting on the social media site Instagram, shared this snap of herself with Caspian at their home in London.

‘As a rite of passage as the son of a designer, Caspian has started designing his new nursery all by himself,’ she writes online.

‘This Ceraudo tasselled footstool was his first pick.’

A ruff lookalike for Jagger’s girl Georgia

They say dogs and their owners grow to look alike, and that certainly seems to be the case for Sir Mick Jagger’s model daughter, Georgia May.

The 27-year-old face of Rimmel make-up appears to be an expert on emulating her dog’s facial expressions. Sharing a selfie of her Pomerainian, Dr Pepper, sitting on her lap with his tongue out, Georgia does the same thing while flashing her distinctive gap-toothed smile.

Currently the owner of three dogs, Georgia has had lots of time to perfect her canine impressions, having grown up with dogs in the family.

Sir Mick Jagger’s model daughter Georgia May, 27, shares a selfie of her Pomerainian, Dr Pepper, sitting on her lap with his tongue out

Amber’s Love Island mix-up 

The new series of Love Island has caused much hilarity in the household of Cabinet minister Amber Rudd. The reason?

One of the sassy contestants on the show is called Amber Gill — which was the Tory MP’s name when she was married to the late author and journalist A.A. Gill.

Their daughter Flora Gill posted a snapshot on social media of a recent newspaper headline — ‘Amber Gill insists she will not have sex in the villa’ — with the comment: ‘Had to do a serious double-take on this, since this was literally mum’s name for a few years.’

Five years ago, Paula Hawkins had to borrow money from her father to finish her psychological thriller The Girl On The Train.

The novel’s success and the 2016 Hollywood adaptation starring Emily Blunt and Justin Theroux put Paula on a fast track to riches.

Latest accounts reveal her company, Paula Hawkins Limited, shows net assets of £22.74million in 2018.

High excitement at Thomas’s, Battersea, where Prince George is mastering his multiplication tables.

The school is mulling over the qualities of those who have put themselves forward to be the next Head of Cricket — not that they’ll be spending their days in white flannels.

‘High-level coaching expertise in at least three of Rugby, Football, Hockey and Cricket is essential,’ explained the advert aimed at attracting candidates, before adding: ‘The ability to teach Geography would also be advantageous.’

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