Stomach-churning footage shows savage seagull trying to scoff pigeon in south London

THIS is the stomach-churning moment a savage seagull tries to scoff a pigeon in South London.

Feathers flew as the gull chowed down on its prey in Battersea – with stunned passers-by looking on in horror.

But the pigeon escaped from a gruesome end when a woman scared the seagull off.

Harriet Clugston, 26, said: “The beast was pecking the poor pigeon to death.

“It was like nothing I had ever seen before. These giant gulls are savage and need to be stopped.

“Who are they going to attack next?”


Britain has been plagued by gruesome seagull attacks this summer with pet-lovers left scared for their animals' safety.

Last month a four-year chihuahua called Gizmo was reportedly snatched from his owner’s garden by a murderous gull.

And despite a widespread leaflet campaign as well as reports from a psychic that Gizmo was alive and living in a garden with a water feature, there has been no sign of him.

The Sun has even offered a £5,000 reward in a bid to find the missing mutt following reports he was taken by a huge bird.

While pets are allegedly being attacked – footage and snaps have emerged of tourists being dive bombed for ice creams and chips.

The RSPCA says seagulls are most violent between May and July during breeding season.

A spokesman for the charity said: “Gulls that swoop suddenly on people or pets are usually trying to protect chicks that have left the nest.”

She urged people to leave gull chicks alone for their own safety.

Councils have been forced to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on gull-proof bins and bags.

The birds peck through normal bin bags and cover streets in rubbish.

Worcester City Council has splashed £144,000 on 28 ‘Big Belly’ bins for the West Country city.

Councillor Alan Amos called for a gull cull on the “flying rats”.

He said: “They are attacking pets, including dogs and cats, and are preventing people from enjoying sitting out in their gardens.

“If all this was being done by people, they would rightly be arrested.

“It is simply not acceptable that people should be expected to live in these conditions anywhere in our city.”

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