Stubborn golden retriever plays dead on a busy Byron Bay street

Watch Elsie the ‘lazy’ golden retriever refuse to move on a Byron Bay pavement until she’s offered a snack – and it’s not the first time she’s embarrassed her owner!

  • Footage showed the dog laying on the footpath refusing to get up for her owner
  • The stubborn dog laid on her back with her paws in the air to prolong her walk 
  • Elsie’s owner tried to get her moving by tugging on her lead but to no avail
  • A crowd of amused bystanders gathered around to film Elsie’s antics 
  • She already made headlines previously when she refused to get off the ground

A ‘lazy’ golden retriever has gone viral after footage was shared of her refusing to walk with her owner – until a stranger steps in with an offer that’s too good to lie down for. 

The hilarious footage may be two years old, but it’s made Elsie a star all over again as devoted owner Mike Cook battles to make her walk on a footpath in Byron Bay, NSW. 

After he tries repeatedly to drag her down the footpath, a kind stranger offers her an ice cream and she jumps straight to her feet.  

And as new footage from May this year shows, Elsie is a repeat offender when it comes to lying down while on a walk.

A new video (pictured) has surfaced of Elsie the golden retriever playing dead during a walk in Byron Bay in September 2018

In the Byron encounter, a bystander filming can be heard erupting into a fit of laughter as Mr Cook makes varied attempts to get his dog to stand.  

Another passerby then walks over and puts her cup of ice cream near Elsie’s nose,  prompting the furry food lover to jump up. 

Mr Cook told Daily Mail Australia Elsie’s antics are not driven by a desire to stop walking, but are an attempt to get her own way. 

‘If there is something she likes the smell of she will play dead until she gets what she wants,’ he said. 

‘And there was a kebab shop right there.’

Mr Cook said she is ‘quite the character’ and he is not surprised her spat was caught on film, adding she will normally snap out of a tantrum in exchange for stranger’s pats.

A passerby helped Mr Cook lure Elsie off the ground by offering her a sniff of a cup of ice cream

‘She will be doing whatever she is doing but if someone wants to give her attention she will lap it up,’ he said. 

In May, Elsie was famously filmed laying on her back with her paws in the air during a trip to Burleigh Heads, while Mr Cook tried to gently tug on her leg.

But his attempts were to no avail, and Elsie continued to play dead.

Mr Cook then walked away from Elsie in the hopes she would follow after him, as entertained passersby laughed at his dog’s tricks.

Elsie eventually leaped off the ground and walked after Mr Cook, who grabbed hold of her lead.

Elsie made headlines in May after a video (pictured) went viral of her playing dead during an outing on the Gold Coast

‘Nobody has told Elsie the Golden Retriever that restrictions have been slightly eased so she thinks she’s going home to get another six weeks of lockdown in her home when all she really wants is them to all go back to work so she can have her home back to herself,’ the video’s caption read.

The videos are just a few examples of the many times Elsie’s stubborn antics have been captured on film.

The adorable golden retriever was the most talked-about canine in the country a month earlier in April when a passerby filmed her lying on the footpath refusing to get up to prolong returning home from her daily walk. 

Mr Cook was seen pulling the pooch’s lead while glancing around with an embarrassed look on his face.

Eventually Mr Cook dropped the leash and walked away from the dog in the hopes she would follow.

But Elsie stayed put and refused to move. 

The defeated owner walked back to his dog and picked her up so she was standing on all fours.   

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