Tiffany Dover ‘dead’ rumours – Hospital post vid of ‘missing’ nurse who fainted after Covid vaccine to prove she’s alive

A VIDEO showing the Tennessee nurse who passed out after receiving the coronavirus vaccine has been released by the hospital in a bid to squash rumours of her "death".

The CHI Memorial Hospital shared a video to social media on December 21, showing nurse manager Tiffany Dover surrounded by fellow nurses and medical staff in a show of support.

In the 20 second clip, Dover stands at the front of 20 colleagues wearing a white tabard with her hospital ID pinned to it.

A woman stood next to her holds a sign reading: "Nurse leadership supports Tiffany," with the date printed at the bottom (12-21-20).

It is the hospitals latest response to online rumours consuming social media that the 30-year-old is "dead".

The video was accompanied by the message: "We're pleased to share Tiffany Dover is doing well.

"Here's a short video of her today surrounded by her colleagues who all support her."

Colleagues in the video surrounded Dover in support, as others held signs saying: "Nurse Leadership Vaccinated Together", "We got the shot!" and ""We're vaccinated against COVID-19!"

The hospital are keen to put an end to the online speculation that began after Dover fainted shortly after receiving the Pfizer vaccine during a live news conference.

Shocking rumours began to swirl after she then "disappeared" off of social media after the incident on December 17.

The video released by the hospital is the first appearance she has made since the vaccination.

Users flooded her page with comments and concern as rumours continued to circulate of her "death", prompting the hospital to release a statement on Twitter on December 19.

They wrote: "UPDATE: Nurse Tiffany Dover appreciates the concern shown for her. She is home and doing well. She asks for privacy for her and her family."

But skeptics remained unsatisfied with the response, questioning why the hospital provided the statement and not Dover.

A spokesperson for the hospital said in a statement on Monday: "We are aware of the multitude of false information circulating on social media about Tiffany Dover.

"We created the video because our nursing leadership wants the public to know of their support of Tiffany and to clear up many of the circulating rumours."

Channel 9 News requested an interview with her, but were told by the hospital she is asking for privacy.

This has again fuelled further conspiracy theories – with some questioning her reluctance to speak, despite her continuing interviews just minutes after her fall.

Others questioned the authenticity of the clip, with staggering claims that it was in fact a different woman in the hospital video.

One user wrote: "Tiffany Dover didn't speak or remove her mask in hospital video released to show us she's alive, she did wear a mask rather high, change shape of her forehead, part her hair in the middle but hey it must be her right as she's wearing a necklace with her name on? Not the same woman."

Another commented on the video, "Soooo creepy, not buying it. Everyone is silent, not a word, I guess they got threatened . The vibe feels like a funeral has been filmed."

Other cynics also claimed her family members Austin and Rebecca Dover had just both shared that the family was away on Christmas vacation.

"Why does her family say she is with them on vacation, yet she is there at work? What’s the truth?" one posted.

Dover has since privatised all of her social media accounts after being hit with a barrage of questions.

Despite her explaining that she suffers from a condition that sometimes causes her to faint when she feels pain, it did not dull anti-vaxxers distrust of the vaccine.

The vaccine was approved for use by the Food and Drug Administration on December 12, before the mass vaccination rollout across America in a bid to curb rising cases and deaths.

President Joe Biden received the vaccine live on television on Monday in an effort to encourage Americans to get it when it is available.

He told reporters, "I’m doing this to demonstrate that people should be prepared when it’s available to take the vaccine."

Outspoken Fox News anchor Tucker Carlson slammed the "glitzy" vaccine rollout, saying: "It feels false, because it is. It's too slick."

The Pfizer vaccine has been found to be at least 95 per cent effective and was approved after clinical trials involving tens of thousands of people.

The company said the vaccine was "well tolerated" during trials and that there were "no serious safety concerns."

The FDA also approved Moderna's vaccine for emergency use, and began distributing it across healthcare facilities.

TikTok last week deleted a video from US influencer Olivia Madison, who describes herself as "pro life, pro guns, pro Trump".

She posted a video falsely claiming, "Vaccinations contain aborted fetus parts and pig parts. So can you really judge me on being anti-vax? Like I don't believe in injecting a baby with another baby."

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