Trump backers more likely to vote in person than Biden supporters: poll

Nearly half of Joe Biden’s backers said they plan to mail in a ballot for their candidate, while two-thirds of President Trump’s supporters plan to vote in person on Nov. 3, according to a poll released Monday.

Only 26 percent of Biden voters said they would do so in person at a polling place on Election Day, with 47 percent planning to mail their ballot and another 21 percent opting to cast a vote at an early in-person voting site, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal survey found.

In contrast, 66 percent of Trump voters will go to the polls in person and just 11 percent intend to vote by mail, while 20 percent will vote early in person.

The survey comes as Trump condemns massive mail-in voting efforts during the coronavirus pandemic as allowing for the possibility for widespread fraud in the election and Democrats assail Postmaster General Louis DeJoy’s recent cost-cutting directives that they say will make the US Postal Service woefully unprepared to handle the surge of voting expected by mail this November.

The poll found that 45 percent of American voters are not confident that the results of the election will be tallied accurately — up from the 34 percent who felt the same way before the 2016 election.

The same percentage said they were confident in the 2020 vote count — down from 59 percent four years ago.

When it comes to mail-in ballots, 44 percent said they believe the mailed ballots will be counted accurately, but 51 percent said they won’t.

Overall, 43 percent of American voters say they will cast their vote in person, 30 percent plan to do so by mail and 20 percent will vote early at an in-person voting location.

The poll surveyed 900 registered voters between Aug. 9 and 12.

It has a plus/minus 3.27 percentage-point margin of error.

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