Wednesday's UK weather forecast — starting cold with plenty of sunshine across England, Wales and Scotland

Rain and drizzle will move in from Northern Ireland across Scotland later.

UK weather forecast for 6am on Wednesday

UK weather forecast for 3pm on Wednesday

Moving on through the week, expect a chilly start in the south on Thursday, then gradually turning milder but cloudier everywhere through Thursday and Friday.

Rain in places on Saturday with brighter, windy periods further north.

UK Outlook for Sunday 13 Jan 2019 to Tuesday 22 Jan 2019

A cloudy, windy day on Sunday will bring a cloudy, windy day with some light drizzle over western hills.

The best of any bright spells will arrive in the east. Some more prolonged spells of rain are likely in the far north/northwest where there's a risk of gales.

By Monday it is expected to turn colder and brighter with wintry showers across parts of the northeast. There is a trend towards more changeable conditions during next week, with spells of rain followed by colder and showery conditions, possibly turning to snow on northern hills.

The best of any drier and brighter interludes will be towards the south.

UK Outlook for Wednesday 23 Jan 2019 to Wednesday 6 Feb 2019

Moving from the last week of January into early February there is an increased likelihood of colder weather conditions taking hold across all of the UK.

This will bring the risk of frost, fog and also snow.

These colder conditions are by no means certain though and if they do occur, they’re likely to be interspersed with milder, wetter and windy periods.

UK surface pressure forecast for 12pm Wednesday

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