Who is King Juan Carlos's wife Sofía of Spain and what's his net worth?

THE former Queen Sofia is the wife of ex-King Juan Carlos, who has just gone into exile after accusations of corruption while she remains in the country.

Here's everything you need to know about and her, her controversial husband and their net worth.

Who is King Juan Carlos?

Juan Carlos is the former king of Spain, having abdicated in 2014 so his son Felipe could take over.

He ruled from 1975 to 2014, having taken over from General Franco after he died.

He is widely seen as the reformer who helped Spain step far away from his predecessor's nationalist dictatorship but his reputation has taken a knock both in his final years as monarch and after.

He currently stands accused of receiving a secret commission for helping to win a £6 billion Saudi rail deal.

The supreme court opened an investigation into his alleged involvement and a Swiss investigation is also underway after claims of the former king having undeclared funds in Switzerland.

He informed his and Queen Sofia's son Felipe, the current king, of his decision to leave the country in a letter.

Reports suggest he has recently landed in Abu Dhabi.

This is far from the first time the high-profile figure has faced criticism in Spain.

Juan Carlos famously had to make a grovelling apology in April 2012 after taking an elephant hunting trip to Botswana during Spain's spiralling economic crisis.

His decision-making was further undermined when it emerged he injured himself on the trip and required special aircraft to bring him home.

Along with Felipe, he has two daughters: Elena, Duchess of Lugo and Cristina Federica.

Who is Queen Sofia?

Queen Sofia – or Sophia Margarita Victoria Frederika – is the wife of former King Juan Carlos.

The two married in 1962, 13 years before Juan Carlos would become monarch of the country.

Even while her husband's post-reign popularity suffered, she is believed to have remained quite well-liked by the Spanish people.

But she faces her biggest crisis yet as she deals with the fallout of her husband's decision to leave Spain earlier this month after he became embroiled in a corruption scandal.

Queen Sofia, 81, has been described by website Royal Central as the "most royal royal in Europe".

This is due to her background as a daughter of a king, sister of a king, wife of a king and mother of a king.

She was born as the Princess of Greece and Denmark in 1938, being the first child of King Paul of Greece and Frederica of Hanover.

Due to the Second World War, her family were forced into exile where she spent part of her childhood in Egypt before returning to Greece in 1946.

Her brother, Constantine II, ruled as the King of Greece from 1964 until the monarchy's abolition in 1973.

Princess Sofia, meanwhile, was getting an education at the prestigious Schloss Salem boarding school Southern Germany, and then studied childcare, music and archaeology in Athens.

She met future King Juan Carlos for the first time in 1954 on Greek islands.

The two would wed eight years later.

What is their net worth?

King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia are believed by one source to be worth about $50 million dollars each

However, Vanity Fair came to a wildly different conclusion and estimated in 2013 that the king's net worth alone amounted to $2 billion.

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