Who is televangelist Kenneth Copeland and what is the video of him laughing?

TELEVANGELIST Kenneth Copeland is a Christian gospel preacher based in Texas.

A recent video surfaced on social media of him fake laughing for nearly a minute when he realized president-elect Joe Biden defeated Donald Trump in the election.

Who is Kenneth Copeland?

Kenneth Max Copeland, 83, is a religious preacher and author associated with the charismatic movement which adopts similar practices to the Pentecostal sect. 

He has an organization called the Kenneth Copeland Ministries in which he speaks and delivers the word of Jesus to his followers.

Copeland also hosts conventions which are streamed on the ministry’s website as well as on Christian television networks such as God TV and Trinity Broadcast.

The popular preacher has also served as President Trump’s faith adviser during his 2016 campaign.

What is the video of him laughing?

Copeland was preaching to his followers during his Sunday service when he began laughing in a maniacal manner when he found out Joe Biden had secured the 270 electoral votes to win the presidential election. 

"The media said what?" Copeland says he addresses his congregation, before letting out a chuckle.

He continues: "The media said Joe Biden's president. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha."

Copeland continues on for around another 40 seconds and his crowd follows suit and begin laughing with him.

The preacher then lets out a loud "whoop" before abruptly finishing his cackling and continuing his sermon.

The clip has been viewed on Twitter more than 9million times.

Trump has doubled down on his refusal to accept the election results as his sons Don Jr and Eric demanded a "manual recount" and has branded the votes as “fraudulent.”

Philadelphia's Republican election commissioner Al Schmidt branded Trump’s voter fraud allegations as "deranged" as some believe the president will never concede.

What did people say about the video?

Social media users had a lot to say about the bizarre video, with some users comparing him to Joaquin Phoenix's portrayal of comic book villain The Joker, who has an uncomfortable and pathological laugh in the movie. 

One said: "I had never seen someone laugh in tongues before today" and another added "imagine having a laugh that maniacal and thinking you're the good guy".

Another joked "doesn't everyone laugh like that?" and one quipped "like a scene out of the Poltergeist/Texas Chainsaw Massacre crossover that never happened".

"Next year, somebody needs to go as Kenneth Copeland for Halloween cause I can’t think of anything creepier at the moment," one added.

Another wrote: "Kenneth Copeland is a performance artist of rare rare genius. I can only watch and learn."

What did Kenneth Copeland say about coronavirus?

Copeland allegedly claimed that coronavirus came to America due to "displays of hate" towards Trump.

He has also gotten heat for allegedly demanding funds from his followers for his ministry even if they lost their jobs due to the pandemic. 

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