Young lovers clad in coronavirus masks whipped 100 times each for sex before marriage in Indonesia

THESE images show young lovers wearing face masks as they were whipped 100 times each for having sex before marriage in Indonesia.

A man was whipped by the religious police outside a mosque in Jantha, in the Aceh province.

The couple were punished when they were caught having pre-marital sex.

Images show a woman having her temperature checked before she was escorted out of a van by the religious police.

A man scrunches his face as he is whipped with a cane on his back by the enforcer wearing all black.

It is understood one begged for the whipping to stop.

The Aceh province is the only region in the Muslim-majority country to impose Islamic law – and whipping is their own interpretation of punishment for a range of offences.

It adopted sharia law after being granted a degree of autonomy from the national government in 2001.

The most vicious punishment is 100 lashes, which is administered for the most severe crimes along with prison time.

Human rights groups have condemned the brutal punishments as inhumane, but they have wide support in Aceh.

Amnesty International has condemned the practice, saying last year the canings are violations of international human rights law.

The group said: "Punishable offences include consensual intimacy or sexual activity for unmarried couples, consensual sex outside marriage, same-sex sexual relations, the consumption and sale of alcohol, and gambling.

"Under international human rights law all forms of corporal punishment are prohibited – they violate the absolute prohibition of torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment and often torture."

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