DIY fanatic shares easy way to get ALL your edges looking neat – and it only takes seconds

THERE'S nothing more annoying than trying to apply caulk to an awkward angle and it being left as an awkward mess.

But one painter and decorator has shared her clever, easy trick to getting a smooth and even finish every time you caulk.

"This is just a little trick for the DIYers," Joanne Hay said over a video shared to her TikTok page.

"If you’ve got gaps like this at awkward angles, you might find it difficult to get a nice finish with decorators’ caulk.

"So we’ll show you how to get a nice smooth finish."

In the video, she showed how to apply the caulk to where the stair handrail joins the bottom post.

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"Apply your caulk where you need it, like so," she said.

"Then, use a small paintbrush, put it in some cold water and just tap off the excess, and then use the brush to just smooth out and get a nice smooth and even finish."

As she did so, the wet brush smoothed out the caulk and ensured it looked neat and tidy.

"You can use this method for all your caulking," she added in the video, before writing in a comment pinned on the clip: "This method can be used for all caulking, or for skirting etc wipe over with a damp sponge."

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"How do you always know the jobs I'm about to do. It's like magic!" a fellow DIY fan commented on the video.

To which Joanne replied: "I try to do the jobs I know people sort of struggle with."

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"Your account is literally a godsend," someone else wrote, while another person added: "such a queen – you've helped me so much!"

And another comment read: "I so needed this!! My house is still in its settling period.. cracks galore."

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