Eva Mendes on Shaving Her Face: "I Loved It"

Image Source: Getty/ Gary Gershoff / Contributor / Staff

Eva Mendes: she’s just like the rest of us. On June 6, the actor posted a video on Instagram sharing her beauty maintenance routine, which included everything from a blowout to a pedicure. The newest addition to the lineup was a dermaplaning session, which Mendes says she “loved.”

“Shaving my face! I received a lot of comments on yesterday’s post from women who’ve been shaving their face for years,” Mendes wrote in the caption. “ok I guess “dermaplaning” is the preferred word but it is what it is and I LOVE it! Gracias for making my skin glow @marianalvergara,” she added.

Dermaplaning is the practice of shaving the vellus hairs on your face. It’s a common misconception that dermaplaning will make hair grow back thicker. In reality, it’s great for achieving smoother makeup application and getting better results from your skin-care routines. Though it is typically done by an aesthetician using a scalpel blade, with special care, it can also be done at home using products like the Dermaflash ($200) or the Gillette Venus Dermaplaning Razor ($20).

If you’re new to the practice like Mendes is, be sure to go to an aesthetician first before attempting it at home. Then, with practice, you can slowly incorporate dermaplaning into your at-home maintenance routine. Take a closer look at Mendes’s post below.


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