‘Jello skin’ is the bouncy Korean skincare trend about to go viral

Written by Morgan Fargo

If you’re picturing instant jelly, you’re not far off. Welcome to the party, jello skin. 

First, there was glass skin: the glowing, luminescent skincare trend that originated in South Korea. Used to create a mirror-like shine on the high points of the face, glass skin swept through social media – the #glassskin hashtag currently has over 386 million views on TikTok. 

Next came dolphin skin – almost indecipherable from glass skin besides the fact that it uses make-up to affect a firm, glossy texture. Cult beauty buys such as the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter and Glossier Futuredew have been hailed as go-to items for dolphin skin.

Now, there’s jello skin: 

Characterised by a plump firmness, jello skin takes its name from Jell-O, the American equivalent of instant jelly, and has been popularised by skincare influencer @glowwithava. Jello skin denotes a jiggling, plump structure that springs or bounces back from the touch. 

Now, having jelly-like skin can come down to a number of predetermined genetic factors – where your face and body holds onto fatty tissue, for example – as well as lifestyle and environmental factors. But there are some techniques for improving moisture levels in the skin, which can help keep skin supple. 

Maintaining the healthy functioning of the skin barrier will help to minimise transepidermal water loss – avoiding excessive dryness and dehydration. Whether you use a specific barrier cream or moisture-attracting ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, there are plenty of easy ways to increase the amount of hydration kept in your skin. Here are some products that will help.

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Plump Jelly

Next, regular exfoliation will help loosen the bonds keeping dead skin cells attached to your skin. Sloughing these away can improve the appearance of rough-textured or dull-looking skin, revealing brighter, more radiant skin beneath.

Finally, our skin is a clever, awesome organism that reflects the conditions we place it in. Lack of sleep, stress and environmental factors can all be seen in the skin. Before investing £££ and time in products, focus on a skincare routine you’re able to be consistent with, practice good sleep hygiene, drink plenty of water and wear SPF regularly. 

Main image: @glowwithava

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