Shoppers Say This Clean, Anti-Aging Face Oil Makes It Look Like They Got Botox

It pains me to say this, but beauty products are fallible. If I had a nickel for every boastful serum that failed to make any sort of difference to my skin, well, I'd have enough to pay my New York City rent. That doesn't feel great, especially when some buys go for upwards of $50 (although some justify the cost). But of all the skincare categories, face oil reliably gives great results — even ones that just cost $13. 

Case in point? Provence Beauty's Multi-Use Oil, a blend of apricot kernel oil, sweet almond oil, vitamin E, and your choice of rose, peony, lavender, forget-me-not, or honeysuckle jasmine petals. Beyond the substantial shelf appeal, shoppers say the oil's results warrant its permanent place in their medicine cabinet — which might be why over 7,000 people have granted the oil a five-star rating. 

"My friends think I got Botox on my forehead," wrote a fan who saw effects within a month. "But nope, this is the only thing I put on my face." Others second that the pared-down oil has decreased their wrinkles while soothing and moisturizing their face without concerning additives like parabens. The "multi-use" moniker stems from its aptitude for skin, hair, and nails; celebrity manicurists specifically call out how great vitamin E is for ensuring long, strong nails, so the fantastic results reviewers see make sense. 

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"After a nightmare experience at a nail salon, I was left with nails in such bad shape. The skin around my nails started to become very dry and started breaking," wrote one of the oil's reviewers. With nightly use, transformation struck. "I see a noticeable difference in the skin around my nails. The oil provides enough hydration to my nails and the skin around that it's finally allowing the skin to heal itself," they continued. "I have also noticed my nails are growing, too."

It provides the same caliber results for hair, people wrote: It leaves their hair "silky smooth" without weighing it down and turns skin to cashmere. "It has worked better than all the expensive night creams I've used in the past," a penultimate shopper wrote of the oil's work within weeks. "I still have [them], but haven't used them since I got this oil. [My skin] looks younger and moisturized." 

As a last person said, it'll be the beauty secret they pass on to their grandchildren. Want to try the do-it-all find for yourself? Pick your petal, pay $13, and prepare to see results. 

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