This Mask Made My Skin Look Brighter and More Alive Than It Has Since 2019

To say my skin has been looking dull and lifeless is quite possibly the understatement of the century. Of course, I can't really blame the ol' dermis for looking as haggard as it has: A global pandemic, year-long quarantine, and a host of external stress factors have all turned my previously healthy glow into a muted, wearied, and possibly even ever-so-slightly-yellowed visage.

When I came across the Lather 10-Minute Brightening Mask, I didn't expect much, especially not right away. As a former beauty editor, I've experimented with a whole host of face-plumping and brightening products over the years. Whenever I actually saw results from a product, it was typically slow and steady with extended use. So imagine my surprise when I applied the Lather mask and 10 minutes later, it was almost as if someone had broken into my home and replaced my face with the one I had pre-2020. 

10-Minute Brightening Mask

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Perhaps I sound hyperbolic, but the Lather mask really is that good. The efficacy is due to a combination of glycolic and lactic acid, along with vitamin B3 and hydrators like sesame oil and cocoa and shea butters. 

All you have to do is apply a thin layer over your face after cleansing, leave it on for 10 minutes or less, rinse with warm water, and moisturize as usual. Getting a next-level glow shouldn't be that simple, but it is.

One caveat: When I used the mask for the first time, I couldn't help but notice (and ever-so-slightly spiral) about the fact that after I rinsed it off, my face was Red with a capital R. The brand warns of this outcome on the site, stating that full-face redness can occur for up to 20 minutes after using the mask, due to its active ingredients sparking increased circulation to the face. I was skeptical, assuming that I'd somehow given myself a chemical burn. However, just as Lather explained, the redness faded in just about 20 minutes, and I was left with a face that was glowier and smoother than it had looked in months.

That being said, if you have sensitive skin, it's always best to spot test a new product on your skin before going all the way. And when you're using any products with acids as the active ingredient, you definitely have to be more diligent about your sunscreen usage. With all of those factors in mind, though, the Lather 10-Minute Brightening Mask could be your dull, tired skin's 2021 salvation — it certainly has been mine. 

If you're ready for things to finally start looking a little brighter, head to the Lather website and shop the mask now.

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