3 Barack Obama Quotes About Joe Biden That Sum Up This Forever Bromance

When it comes to friendships in the White House, you’ll be hard pressed to find two better buddies than President Joe Biden and former President Barack Obama. For over a decade, America has witnessed the two laughing, crying, hugging, and even eating ice cream together. But what was their relationship really like? These quotes from Barack Obama about Joe Biden will give you an inside look, and it’s actually pretty heartwarming.

Generally, the relationship between president and vice president in the U.S. is more of a working one than a friendship. After all, the role of vice president was initially seen as something of a presidential "backup plan" in case the sitting president couldn’t perform his duties. In fact, some presidents were known to have downright volatile relationships with their vice presidents: According to multiple historical reports, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson were more like frenemies than friends.

Thankfully, the warm relationship between Obama and Biden is a far cry from the days of America’s founding fathers. Amid scenes of the two goofing around in the White House and sharing a laugh at basketball game, it seems like Obama and Biden’s friendship is much more meaningful than a political alliance. To prove it, here are a few quotes from the 44th president about the 46th president to sum up why these two are so tight.

1. He has a high opinion of his former VP.

Let’s go back: In August 2008, Obama announced Biden as his running mate in a speech at their first rally together in Springfield, Illinois. He described Biden as "a man with a distinguished record and a fundamental decency," lauding him for being "one of the finest public servants of our time." He went on to describe how Biden overcame the tragedy of losing both his wife, Neilia and daughter, Naomi, in a fatal 1972 car crash and became one of America’s most accomplished Democratic senators.

"[Biden] is still that scrappy kid from Scranton who beat the odds," Obama said. "That’s the kind of fighter who I want by my side in the months and years to come."

2. The bromance is super real, according to Obama.

At the end of his term in 2017, Obama delivered another heartfelt statement to the current president during his farewell address. "To Joe Biden … you were the first decision I made as a nominee and the best. Not just because you have been a great vice president, but because in the bargain, I gained a brother," he said.

Obama respected the current president so much, in fact, that he surprised Biden by awarding him with the Presidential Medal of Freedom with Distinction. The medal is known as the highest honor a civilian can achieve in America, and Biden was visibly moved by the gesture — tears shone in his eyes as the medal was placed on his collar. Obama cracked a joke about giving the internet another chance to go crazy over the pairs’ "bromance," and described Biden as "the best vice president America’s ever had."

3. He supports his friend’s achievements.

In 2021, it seems like Obama is as supportive of Biden as ever. On Biden’s Jan. 20 inauguration day, the former president tweeted out a celebratory message. "Congratulations to my friend, President @JoeBiden! This is your time," Obama wrote. The tweet featured a photo of the two standing side-by-side at the White House.

So, in the words of Obama himself, it seems like this "bromance" is here to stay. Can you say you’re disappointed?

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