Amanda Owen’s children praised as they step in to help with emergency

Our Yorkshire Farm: Amanda Owen reveals premature calf died

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Amanda Owen’s children were praised by fans of Our Yorkshire Farm after they helped their mum resolve an urgent issue on Ravenseat Farm. The Yorkshire Shepherdess took to Twitter earlier today to show her 203,000 followers how the kids helped one of the sheep who had suffered an incident.

Amanda shared some pictures as she revealed how a sheep had got stuck in a fence and was suffering some health issues that stemmed from the ordeal.

However, the children were quick to step in to help the “ovine patient” recover from the stress.

Amanda wrote: “Hands on with an ovine patient.

“After being stuck in a fence for a couple of days this lamb has lamed itself, lost some skin and has a serious gy-neck. (sic)

“The children have been nursing the patient for more than a week now & have made good progress. #yorkshire #shepherdess,” she ended her post.

Fans who were left stunned by the children’s willingness to help at home and soon replied to the tweet to heap praise on them.

Twitter user Theoldman1949 said: “You have a wonderful caring family.”

JanetMc31231375 added: “Your children are amazing and they are growing up so fast you have taught them so much Amanda and they seem to love learning from you you must be so proud of them all x”

JaneRus96694746 typed: “Your children are truly incredible. That lamb clearly has a bond with them, which money just can’t buy.

“Clemmy certainly is her mother’s daughter, all the inquisitive questions when she was diddy is now paying off with good knowledge, although I suspect there are still questions!”

While JanetEv28129124 penned: “Oh bless them your children are Amazing nothing is to much for them both you x

“Clive have instilled in them understanding care love x work ethic’s  they are wonderful children Luv To The Owens family.” (Sic)

The update comes after Amanda gave fans an insight into the sheep weaning process.

Amanda wrote in the caption to the post: “Gathering for spaining (weaning).

“The children & dogs are surefooted, like mountain goats, traversing the slopes and screes without hesitation. #yorkshire #shepherdess #sheepdo.”

In the short clip, the Our Yorkshire Farm star explained: “We’re bringing the lambs in for spurning, that means weaning time.

“So the lambs will stay down on the farm, going to the bright green grassy re-growth.”

She went on, expressing confusion that some among her flock of sheep were “wooled.”

Amanda said: “In and amongst these sheep believe it or not, there’s still a few wooled ones.

“So quite where they’ve been for the last few months I have no idea.” 

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