Ashley Tisdale Reveals If She’s Going To Watch ‘High School Musical’ With Her Daughter

Don’t expect Ashley Tisdale to binge watch the High School Musical film franchise with her daughter, because it probably won’t happen.

The 35-year-old pregnant singer and actress spoke to People about the possibility of that happening and nixed it.

“Personally, I don’t watch my own stuff,” she shared. “Also, my husband has hardly seen anything that I’m in. I think I just showed him High School Musical this year, and we’ve been married six years at this point. And that wasn’t even the full movie. I’m not someone who likes to watch myself.”

Ashley and husband, Christopher French, revealed they were expecting their first child last year, and just recently announced it was a girl.

She added that she’s not going to ban her daughter from watching it, but, she looks “completely different. It feels like a different lifetime!”

Not even Ashley‘s niece, Mikayla, recognized Ashley in the films.

“My niece was like, ‘That’s my aunt?’” she recalled. “Yeah, I don’t see myself watching myself with my child. That’s just not who I am.”

Ashley can next be seen as a judge on The Masked Dancer, airing on Fox. Check out the teaser here!

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