Boxer Tommy Fury Says He'll Fight Jake Paul and KO Him in 3 Minutes

Tommy Fury is sick of Jake Paul using his name for cred in the boxing world … he’s ready to take on the YouTube star, and says he’ll make short work of it.

Tommy was leaving L.A. Friday for his home back in the UK … and made it clear to our photog he was annoyed his name was used by Jake to promote his fight against Tyron Woodley.

Jake’s not even a real boxer — so says Tommy — because he’s only fighting MMA opponents.   BTW … Tommy honed in on Woodley’s punch that sent Jake into the ropes.

Tommy makes it clear … Jake’s never gonna be a real competitor — at least against him — so might as well get it over with now.  Fury knows the fight would draw a huge audience, and that means $$$$$$$$$$$$$.  And that’s why Tommy calls it a “win-win.”

As for predictions … lights out within 3 minutes.

There’s no doubt Jake would accept the challenge.  It could draw a record-breaking audience on Pay-Per-View, although it’s a little weird someone like Tommy — who’s on track in the world of boxing — to actually get in the ring with the likes of Paul.

Stay tuned

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