Cardi B Defends Buying Kulture $150,000 Necklace: ‘If Mommy & Daddy Fly Then So Is My Kids’

Cardi B and Offset certainly treated their baby girl Kulture like a princess for her birthday over the weekend. And while we knew that involved fairy tale-themed decor, a horse-drawn carriage, and a party greeter dressed as Princess Tiana from Disney’s The Princess and the Frog, the big birthday bash also resulted in some fancy gifts truly fit for royalty.

To celebrate their firstborn’s third birthday, Offset gifted Kulture with a $250,000 watch from Richard Mille. (Yup, you read that right!) Meanwhile, the momma gave her mini-me a $150,000 diamond necklace by Eliantte. No wonder the INSANE gifts had the internet SHOOK.

Sharing a video of Kulture’s reaction to receiving the pricey necklace, the rapper gushed:

“Her daddy out did me but I still got my baby nice. Thank you @eliantte for my baby charm necklace.”

The bling included a Minnie Mouse charm, the letter K, and more sparkly icons! See the stunner (below)!

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WOWZA! Someone get us a pair of sunglasses, that necklace is bright! Of course, lots of celebrity friends noted how gorgeous the new jewelry was in the comment section, but many fans also had a bone to pick with the WAP vocalist, writing:

“Kulture got my whole tuition around her neck”

“That’s sweet but kids don’t care about that kind of stuff”

“Love It . But Shee So Young Save Some stuff for when she grow up”

“I have yet to see a toy for that baby.”

These comments weren’t even talking about the Migos member’s more lavish — and dare we say, less useful — gift for the 3-year-old!! The negative chit-chat worked its way to the Up songstress, and she was rightly pissed! Responding to a now-deleted tweet insulting her for spending thousands on a child’s present, the New York native slammed haters for criticizing her parenting decision:

“When your kid want ice cream for dinner do you give them ice cream for dinner? My baby is overly spoiled wit toys & super educated.If mommy & daddy fly then so is my kids. F**k I look like being fly ass f**k and my kid not.”

OK, we see her point there. We have no doubt haters would be fuming if she and Offset didn’t spoil their child a bit. They certainly have the cash to do so! And it’s pretty customary to give a little kid something nice for a special occasion (though perhaps not all our budgets are quite so high!). Unfortunately, not all followers were quick to recognize where the Hustlers actress was coming from. One user clapped back:

“Cardi honey… you openly said this? Proudly? Loudly? Yikes”

The 28-year-old made her point loud and clear, musing:

“Yes why not ? Princess parties ,unlimited toys , vacations and Pools my kid loves the pool and I went to the pool like 5 times in my childhood. Different flavor cereal not just Raisin Bran.”

Ain’t nothing wrong with giving your kids more than you had growing up!! Plus, it’s not like the musicians have never gifted their kiddo toys.

Cardi retweeted one eagle-eyed fan (below), who pointed out that often when the toddler is seen playing with toys, critics insult the selections, calling them “cheap.” So, the expecting momma obviously can’t win this battle!

What do YOU think, Perezcious readers? Were Cardi B and Offset wrong for spending $400k on a fancy necklace and watch? This isn’t the first time they gave her lavish gifts either! Sound OFF in the comments (below)!

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