Carol Kirkwood admits what makes her grumpy behind-the-scenes: ‘Don’t feel very happy!’

Breakfast: Carol Kirkwood asks ‘I’m really boring aren’t I?’

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Anyone who’s watched BBC Breakfast know that weather presenter Carol Kirkwood, 58, is perhaps one of the happiest people on the show, always with a smile splashed across her face no matter what. It makes one think whether she’s incapable of ever being grumpy, but of course she noted that’s not the case at all.

You asked if I’m ever grumpy… yes!

Carol Kirkwood

During a recent interview with fellow BBC co-star Louise Minchin and triathlete Annie Emmerson on their Her Spirit podcast, the forecaster revealed what turns her famous smile into a frown.

It comes as they were talking about her childhood, and Annie was curious whether that played a big part in her attitude to life now.

“You’re always smiling!” she exclaimed, “but do you ever have a minute where you don’t feel like smiling?

“We watch you on TV; I’ve watched you for years, and you’re just such joy!

“Does that come from having lots of brothers and sisters?” she pondered.

The presenter thanked her for her kind words as she explained she was right.

“Yes, I think it did because we were taught to share and appreciate what we have and I still very much feel like that,” Carol nodded in agreement.

“But you asked if I’m ever grumpy… yes!

“2:45am, when that alarm goes off – slam! Snooze!” she laughed.

“And sometimes when things like the technology doesn’t work and you’re doing everything!”

She admitted she’s “useless” at technology but “does her best” because she’s by herself in the mornings.

“But it’s like, No! Come on!'” Carol sighed.

“Because we’re on collapsing time frames; we have deadlines right through our shifts, all of us do!

“So things like that don’t make me feel very happy!”

Carol has previously opened up about how her job entails a lot more than people may think.

Usually, she’s based in at BBC’s London offices, while the flagship breakfast program is filmed up north at their Salford studios in Manchester.

“I’m in there [the studio] more or less by myself!” she told Bill Turnbull on his podcast last year, as she detailed her typical work morning.

“And the weather studio we have in London is like a broom cupboard and it’s self operated.

She continued: “You do radio, you do online, you do social media and you keep on top of all the weather as well. It’s a very busy schedule in the morning and it’s quite a quick turn around as well.”

Carol plans her scripts, attends conferences to discuss the weather of the day and heads to make-up all before rushing back to her studio to do sound checks, final script analysis and then off she goes.

BBC Breakfast airs weekdays at 6am on BBC One.

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