Carol Vorderman’s incredible curves and tiny waist highlighted in latest skintight outfit

Carol Vorderman discusses her 'eerie' walk

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TV and radio star Carol Vorderman took to social media this morning to share a selfie with her fans, before heading out for a walk. The Countdown legend could be seen showcasing her incredible figure in a tight white top and leggings, as she snapped a photo in the mirror.

“Helloooo,”(sic) she simply captioned the picture, in view of her 152,000 Instagram followers.

In the shot, the 60-year-old presenter wore her hair in beachy waves and enhanced her good looks with elegant make-up.

The mum-of-two highlighted her slim waist by tucking her top into her trousers.

She then headed out for a walk in the “eerie and mysterious” weather, which was in stark contrast to yesterday’s sunshine.

“Hello beautiful peeps,” Carol said in a video upload that followed shortly after.

“I’ve just been out for a walk to the shop and you know when it’s like you are walking in the clouds. And everything takes on this mysterious, eerie kind of feeling.

“I love walking when it’s like that. ‘Cause everything’s like a surprise. It’s lovely,” she added.

“It’s a beautiful day here. Even though we are living in a cloud it’s still beautiful. Happy days.”

Earlier in the day, Carol had filmed the mist rolling in across the bay at dawn.

She said it was a very different dawn to yesterday, which had been very colourful and filled with reds and yellows.

Making the most of the warm weather, the TV star hired a boat to explore the surrounding area the previous day.

She spotted hundreds of seals and their pups on her outing.

“A wonderful trip out with @falcon_boats… stunning evening and we saw hundreds of seals and their pups…

“We ventured into caves and then sped out on the open sea… next stop Canada!!!!! 4,000 Miles away,” she captioned a video from her outing which had been sped up.

At the end of her busy day, Carol almost fell asleep on the sofa.

She filmed herself in a sleepy state before heading off to bed and posted the footage online this morning.

“I don’t know what to do. Have an hour on the sofa or get off my great big fat a**e and go to bed,” she could be heard saying in the darkness.

Alongside the footage, she wrote: “Question before bed last night… a little sofa nap first or nah????”

Steps star Ian H Watkins took to the comments section of her post to reply: “Nanna Nap!!!!!”

“@ianhwatkins I love them… altho I don’t really do them,” she replied.

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