Feudal landlord King Charles won’t allow his Norfolk tenants to have cats

King Charles and Prince William are now the two biggest feudal landlords in the United Kingdom. Charles’s feudal landholdings are so extensive and medieval, he literally profits from dead people in Lancashire. Between the Duchy of Lancaster and the Duchy of Cornwall, Charles and William now “own” a huge network of commercial real estate, farms, private homes and vacation properties. They have thousands of “tenants” with long-term or short-term leases. And Charles has now put his foot down with his tenants – absolutely NO cats allowed. This is horrific.

In addition to reigning over the United Kingdom, King Charles III, 75, is also a prolific property owner who lets a large array of homes to his citizens — but not the ones with cats. At his country abodes in rural Sandringham, tenants are subject to screening, required to rent the unfurnished properties for a minimum of 12 months and, most memorably, adhere to its “strict no cats policy.”

Dogs, meanwhile, “will be considered on a house by house basis,” according to the estate’s website.

The ban is thought to have originated under his late mother, Queen Elizabeth II, out of concern that the kitties would hunt the estate’s bird population, according to SWNS.

The Guardian, meanwhile, reports that the reasoning is likely in an effort to specifically protect pheasant fledglings, which are bred in Sandringham for hunting purposes. It may also have come from personal prejudice: the Queen, although a known lover of Welsh Corgis, was reportedly not a fan of cats, to which she may have been allergic.

For those who can get past the no-feline rule, the residences offer amenities including garages, multiple outhouses, driveways, contemporary kitchens and historic details galore. Prospective residents should also note that current tenants are not without complaints. One royal renter, Mick Dye, told the Guardian he has been requesting upgrades to his Shernborne cottage home for years, significantly to no avail.

“We ain’t got any loft insulation, we’ve still got metal windows, we ain’t got a firewall [in the loft]. Lots of the things we haven’t got, we should have,” Dye said to the publication. “Any other landlord would be had up for doing what they’re doing. But … you can’t take the Queen to court.”

[From The NY Post]

I get that Britain is a “dog-loving nation” but this is awful. Plenty of people love their cats across the UK. To have one of the largest feudal landlords in the country ban cats from a chunk of his real estate? All to protect the pheasants which are bred especially to be hunted? I mean, Charles also evicted his lease-holding son for no reason, so it’s not like contracts mean anything to him. I hope all of these tenants get kitties.

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