Good Morning Britain’s Kate Garraway reveals she ‘can’t see’ as she’s struggling with her eyesight

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Good Morning Britain star Kate Garraway has revealed she couldn't see after an eye infection left her sending money to the wrong people and firing off random texts.

The TV presenter opened Thursday's show by explaining to co-host Ranvir Singh why she had bailed on their recent plans for a secret project.

Kate said: "It's nice to see you!", but Ranvir asked: "Well, can you see me? This is the issue! We were meant to be doing something earlier in the week, weren't we?"

As Kate explained that they were meant to be working on something special together that would be revealed later in the year, Ranvir said: "But then you bailed on me, Garraway!"

Kate, 54, said: "I did bail, because I couldn't see! I know it's always one of my excuses that I can barely read the autocue at the best of times.

"But I had an eye infection last Friday, it was watering a little bit while I was doing the show, and then it spread to the other eye, so I couldn't put my contacts in, I couldn't see anything."

Things got difficult for Kate as she lost her eyesight with the infection and ended up making a "mortifying" mistake.

She said: "I was sending random texts to people with the wrong thing, really confusing. I transferred some money into the wrong account on an app and I had to ask for it back! It was mortifying."

To top things off, she then got an inner ear infection too, although she was looking much better by the time she appeared on Good Morning Britain on Thursday.

But Kate, whose husband Derek Draper has just returned home after a year in hospital with coronavirus, said that her health woes had been "nothing serious, just frustrating and annoying".

She recently told This Morning that when Derek had first come home, she had been terrified that he would think she and their children were strangers looking after him.

Kate told Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield: “I dreaded he wouldn’t remember us, which sounds selfish, but that life you’ve built together – family and friends – to think if he’d lost that and we’d be caring for him at home and we’d be strangers.”

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